Blog 10/2/2017 to 4/21/2020 (when I’m feelin’ gabby)…

Blog 10/2/2017 to 4/21/2020  (when I’m feelin’ gabby)…
Blog 10/2/2017 to 4/21/2020 (when I’m feelin’ gabby)…

April 21, 2020… 

In my e-mail traffic this morning was another “Mornin’ Smile” from my ol’ pal, Captain Phil Stallings, or “Capt’n Flip” as he often called!  In fact he is a retired revered pilot extraordinare from our days together at the storied Frontier Airlines.  A better fellow would be hard to find.  A better airline would be impossible to find.  Frontier was the safest airline in the world-wide history of civil aviation!

“This has been around before, but it’s been awhile since I had seen it.

This is for all my “old” pilot buddies …. And others who look to the sky anytime they hear an airplane overhead.  I have done a little editing, but hope you enjoy with your morning coffee.  I miss the old days and the good times, sitting around the bar on layovers with your fellow pilot friends … and yes, I miss the girls too.  We had the best at Frontier (1946-1986).


Captain Phil Stallings (Ret)

Frontier Airlines 1964-1986


In the Age of the ‘water wagon’ 707’s (and CV-580’s)…

That smoke is from the 1,700 pounds of water injection the

J-57s and freighter JT-3’s used for take off.  (Go to the overrun and suck the gear up). Those were the good ole days!

Pilots all knew who Jimmy Doolittle was. Pilots drank coffee, whiskey, smoked cigars, and didn’t wear digital watches. They carried their own suitcases and brain bags, like the real men they were.

Pilots did not go through the terminal impersonating a caddy pulling a bunch of golf clubs, computers, guitars, and feed bags full of tofu and granola on a sissy-trailer;  Wearing no hat and having granny glasses hanging on a pink string around their pencil necks, while talking to their personal trainer on the cell phone!!!

Being a Captain (wearing a hat with “Thunder and Lightning” on the bill) was as good as being the King in a Mel Brooks movie. In my youth, all the Stewardesses (aka. Flight Attendants) were young, attractive, single women that were proud to be combatants in the sexual revolution. They would blush, and say thank you, when told that they looked good, instead of filing a sexual harassment claim.

The Junior Stewardesses usually shared a room and talked about men…. with no thoughts of substitution.  Passengers wore nice clothes and were polite; they could speak, read AND understand English. They didn’t speak gibberish or listen to loud gangsta rap on their IPods. They bathed, and didn’t smell like a rotting pile of garbage – in a jogging suit and flip-flops.

If the Captain wanted to throw some offensive, ranting jerk off the airplane, it was done without any worries of a lawsuit or getting fired. Axial flow engines crackled with the sound of freedom and left an impressive black smoke trail like a locomotive burning soft coal. Jet fuel was cheap and once the throttles were pushed forward, they were often left there. After all, it was the jet age and the idea was to go fast (run like a lizard on a hardwood floor).

Except while flying over the deep oceans, “economy cruise” was something in the performance book, but no one knew why or where it was. When the clacker went off, no one got all tight and scared, because Boeing, Douglas and Convair built their machines out of iron.

Nothing was going to fall off and that barber pole sound had the same effect on real pilots then, as Viagra does now for these new age guys. There was very little plastic and no composites on the airplanes. Airplanes and women had eye-pleasing symmetrical curves, not a bunch of ugly vortex generators, ventral fins, winglets, flow diverters, tattoos, rings in their nose, tongues and eyebrows.

Airlines were run by men like C.R. Smith, Eddie Rickenbacker, Juan Trippe, Harding Lawrence, Ted Baker, and Bob Six, who had built their companies virtually from scratch, knew most of their employees by name, and were lifetime airline employees themselves. not pseudo financiers and bean counters who flit from one occupation to another for a few bucks, a better parachute, or a fancier title, while fervently believing that they are a class of beings unto themselves.

And so it was back in the 60’s when I was a young pilot and would be Captain … and like my youth, it never will be again! — !


April 19, 2020…  I’ve had an enjoyable e-mail exchange with Captain Ron Gallop, Frontier Airlines, Ret.  We met in 1967, both new to the airline industry.  Ron came to Frontier from Central when our two companies merged in the fall of 1967.


Over the years we’ve had a few exchanges worth sharing. I  believe the following is one of ’em!  T’days started with this note from Ron:

“How to get more out of your BIDET!” and included a link:

This reminded me of co-inventing Wyoming’s first BIDET with my pal, Joe Davis.  Joe and I have been pals, really good pals, for over 78 years, since we were in a bassinet together in Cheyenne, Wyoming,  Our being born in Wyoming, the Garden State of the Nation, gives us bragging rights beyond others born elsewhere.  


My fishin’ and flyin’ pal, Dan Todd, is from New Jersey.  New Jersey claims to be the “Garden State!”  Likely, the N.J. person who initially made this claim had never been to Wyoming!  But all this is an aside.


Back to the Ron & Billy exchange.

So, I sent Captain Ron the story about Joe’s and my invention along with the story about Teense Wilfords home brew blowing up in his school locker:

http://The Adventures of the Walker Bunch PART ONE: Wyoming


Then I received this from Ron:

“More parallels!  My grandfather owned a produce company in Parsons, KS.  His game was eggs.  He would pick up the eggs from farmers and then sort and inspect and package them for sale to the stores.  As a kid of six, I would always ‘candle’ the eggs.  This is nothing more than a birdhouse with a light inside.  You hold the egg up to the hole and you can tell if this shell is cracked or even if the egg is fertilized.  If the egg was ok it went on to be packaged.  We did every egg we sold like that. At the time he had three big (maybe 40 foot) trucks that were moving if the sun was up.  That amounts to a lot of eggs to candle.

I knew a guy in high school, Chuck Smedley.  We weren’t friends mostly because he liked to play tough and push people around and I was always dumb enough to stand up to him which is partly why my nose is bent a little.  But, I knew him.  One day in a high school with 3000 students in it, Chuck and a couple of his buddies went into the boys restroom and each one held down the toilet seat which was spring loaded and flushed when released.  Chuck lit and tossed a cherry bomb in each and the boys left promptly.  When those three cherry bombs went off in succession it left no doubt among the student population which girls were on the john when the big moment arrived.  All over school geysers of water blew high enough to wet the ceiling over the unoccupied toilets thruout the school.  Chuck finished high school at the Kansas State Reformatory for Boys.  Hey, a degree is a degree.”
My reply: That, Sir Ron, is a GREAT story!  ‘Cept for not being surrounded by mountains and, perhaps, 10 times our student population, Parsons KS was apparently a lot like Saratoga, WY.  

My nose was busted an even 10 times between the 4th grade and 10th.  By then I could only breathe thru my mouth.  I had become an intolerable occupant of the Walker household with my snoring.  It would cause windows to rattle and calking to crack and dislodge    The summer of 1957, my Mom took me to Cheyenne to have Dr. Russell I. Williams re-build my nose.  

I suffered horribly from this operation!  Not from the surgery, but when my buddies came to visit me in the hospital they would tell joke-after-joke which made me laugh and put every nerve end above the roof of my mouth on nuclear fire😳.

More pleasure than my first orgasm was when, a week later, Doc Williams pulled out the packing stuffed up there.  Three of my buddies were on hand for this celebratory event.  Two of ‘em threw up things they’d eaten as a baby when this 3’ long bloody-booger incrusted tape came out my nose.  TWO of ‘em!  One for each nostril!  Paybacks can be pleasurable but the release of those packings ranks up there with my most monumental memories of moments-of-pleasure!  My pals barfing was a bonus!

And this, folks, is how a couple of has-been airline pilots get thru the day…

April 18, 2020... COVID-19 still a global pandemic with no real end yet in sight.  Speculation, but no solid proof.   We, as Americans, must persevere!  We must come thru this terrible challenge and be a stronger, wiser, and better prepared society.  We must!

Stay SAFE – Stay HEALTHY – Stay HOME!  

April 13, 2020… I came across a stack of old photo from my parents aviation days.  Mostly WWII.  I’ve put some of the photos with my story about Plains Airways.

T’day I head to Falcon Field to show my pal, Dan Todd’s, Cessna 170 to a prospective buyer.  Ken Lambert is coming out to help me do an engine run on The Ghost Ship.  It’s a good day to commit aviation!


Ten days into April 2020…  T’day we celebrate Ralph & Ruth Johnson’s anniversary.  It would have been their 83rd!  They were together 72 years when Ruth passed in 2009 and Ralph less than 3 months later, January 12, 2010.  Ruth was 97, Ralph was 103.They were like second parents to me.  In fact, they were my own parents best friends since the 1930s.

I should have updated sooner.  No excuse but I’ve kept busy albeit mostly self-quarantined because of COVID-19. Cheryl and I have tried to stay at home except for a few necessary trips to the store and, for me, to the airport.

I updated the story about Jay Prochnow’s Harrowing Flight with some photos he sent me before he’d, sadly, Gone West.  You likely recall a movie was made about Jay’s flight across the Pacific in a single-seat/single engine Cessna 188 Ag-Wagon. 

I sold Roger Parrish’s beloved Stearman 832 to a fine fellow from Rome Georgia.  As of this update, UPS Captain Rick Ferrin is but a couple of two-hour legs from his home.  Rick has a beautiful place with his own hangar/runway.  Below, Rick is starting up Stearman 832 at Chandler Municipal Airport for his journey eastward:

Note: I still have four bi-planes for sale along with several other very nice flying machines!  Try the link below:

March 23, 2020…  Some indications that the anti-viral medications show promise and that there will be some actual testing in NY tomorrow…  Sure do hope that gives positive results or that someone comes up with a fix soon!  I am anxious to get back to talking about airplanes fer goodness sake!


March 21, 2020…  As with most of my fellow American’s, Cheryl and I are snuggled in at home with hopes and prayers that the global pandemic will not be as prolonged as the experts expect but that a medical breakthrough will stem the exponential expansion of this terrible virus.  

March16, 2020… A perspective — My Mother was the oldest.  She was five with two younger brothers.  They lived in Casper WY.  It was 1918 and the “Spanish Flu” was exponentially becoming epidemic.

My grandmother packed up her three kids, leaving Gramps to his own devices, and drove to California.  My grandmother always thought it a prudent decision.   There was a huge number of deaths from this disease brought into the US by returning service men.    California was a wonderful place a century ago!
“Spanish Flu” ran its course at great cost as, likely, COVID-19 will.  The degree of panic VS caution time will tell.  At the present I am recovering from bronchitis.  I am content with self sequestering for now.
Even after learning the “Spanish Flu” beginnings was not in Spain, the name has stuck for 102 years now🧐
As for COVID-19… This too shall pass!
Cheryl has graduated from feeling conflicted to her experiencing a strong pull to travel to Lynn MA.  Her motivation is understandable given Alice, her sole surviving sibling, has been in the hospital.  The COVid-19 makes travel too great a risk.  Please add Alice Allen to your prayer list!  

PLEASE check out this link:

Also: where my Mom’s presentation to the OX-5 Aviation Pioneers looked back at her early days in aviation…  I hope you n’joy this!


March 13, 2020…    N’joying the rain!  …and catching up with mail and the aircraft sales updates.  

March 12, 2020…    Yesterday I coulda used a boat!  Uncommon heavy rains driving from Ahwatukee to Scottsdale Airport for our Knights of the Round Engines group.  Small turnout but we were blessed with our oldest member, Bob Larson (100) and our senior member, Ole Griffith (99) who is the sole surviving member of the Knights founded by the late-great Joe Foss.  Our name came from the Round Engine Room at the Thunderbird Hotel at the Scottsdale Airport.  Those at the far end of the photo below are seated around the Round Engine table which is a round glass top over a WWII Stearman engine that was used at Thunderbird Field (now Scottsdale Airport) during the war!

 L – R:  Dr. Mike Pfleger, KJ Summers, Ole Griffith, Mark Larson,                                                                                Bob Larson, Jim Haxby, Billy Walker, Dan Todd, Walt Seaton


March 5, 2020…  Buddies Dan Todd, Ken Lambert and I head for Falcon Field t’day to take photos and check the logs on Dan’s Cessna 170.  Look for this nice 4-place on my Aircraft For Sale page tomorrow.


February 21, 2020…  From the February 2020 Stearman Flying Wire:

SRA president, Mike Rutledge, flew N-29XF for some three hours.  Here’s what he had to say:

“One of Falcon’s (KFFZ) more interesting Stearman residents is Larry Dustman’s R-1340 equipped “Ghost Ship.” The Ghost Ship was built by John Pike and his Crew at Big Sky Stearman using model 75 bones as a basis to fabricate the likeness of a 1930s Curtis F11C-2 “Goshawk” fighter.  I have a well-known affinity for wanting to fly one-off planes.  I suppose the Schiffer’s “Beast” Duster was the catalyst.  Who doesn’t want to fly a 600 HOP Stearman?  After a brief discussion with Larry and a call to my insurance agent, Larry gave me the keys to the Ghost Ship along with a ground checkout from local Stearman elder “Captain” Billy Walker.  This too probably warrants its own future article, but I won’t keep you in suspense, flying the Ghost ship isn’t for everyone.  It handles like about 70% golden age fighter with enough common Stearman characteristics to claim the heritage.  It’s fast and immediately puts a smile on your face when you push the throttle forward as you look through the gun ring.  Heck, I was smiling just taxiing.  I’ll chalk those 3 hours in the Ghost Ship as the highlight of my trip to Arizona.”

Mike Rutledge in the Ghost Carter Teeters in Mike’s Green 450 Mike Doyle in his red 450 Photo by Scott Germain


February 4, 2020… I had some great flying opportunities over the weekend.  I flew with Mikey in Roger’s Stearman (832).  I flew it like I hadn’t flown in months!  Safe, but ugly! The next day I flew with Joe in 386, the Stearman we used to own together with Joe Anderson.  That went better.  We flew a two-ship formation flight over Laveen Days parade.  My neighborhood was treated to a smoke-on flyby as we headed west to Laveen.

I then had a chance to fly Joe Sottile’s beautiful little Meyers 145.  It is not only pretty it’s a treat to fly!  Then we flew 386 back to Stellar leaving the Meyers in Joe’s Chandler hangar.  I still haven’t wiped the grin off my face.

Below:  Roger Parrish & Fred Gorrell in 832.  Dr. Mike Braegger owns 832.  It’s FOR SALE: $71,500.00.  For details go to


Below:  Joe Sottile’s Meyers 145. FOR SALE $69,900.00

Yesterday I was invited to Russ Gilmore’s presentation by the FAA honoring Russ with the Wright Brother’s Master Pilot Award.  Then Russ hosted several of his former America West colleagues for lunch at Olive Garden’s.  Six of us all trying to top one story after another.  Deeeelightful!

Russ Gilmore is one of the Black Bears Squadron members.  The Black Bears Squadron is exclusive.  To become a member the applicant has to have been expelled from a CAF Unit or the CAF nationally.  

Currently, there are just five qualified members of the Black Bears Squadron:

Billy Walker

Ed Newberg

Alan Ripa

Russ Gilmore

Jim Swanke (the first to fall victim to CAF leadership skulduggery)

All of us were volunteer members of the Commemorative Air Force.   Each of us were charged by the local and national leadership as having violated the CAF Policy Manual and Code of Conduct.  When asked for specifics as to which particular policy and/or code of conduct was violated none of us were given specifics.  

The current unit leader of Airbase Arizona, Travis Major, was installed (NOT ELECTED) by Hank Coates.  Coates is the current President and CEO of the national CAF organization.  Coates, Major and the former Unit leader of Airbase Arizona, Campbell were/are the ones manipulating the Airbase in a malevolent way themselves ignoring the CAF Policy Manual and Code of Conduct.

The Coates/Major/Campbell conviviance is one devoid of what should exist with leadership.  Apparently, my assessment of these three is shared by a growing number of individuals.  They are not our kind of people.  

However, what happened to me pales in comparison to what these three did to Ed Newberg, Russ Gilmore, and Alan Ripa.  I was expelled from Airbase Arizona (ABAZ) last year.  My expulsion, while outrageous, left me active with the national organization.  

I was improperly expelled at ABAZ.  And I was expelled out of spite!  I had already announced that I could not abide the lack of forthrightness and would no longer volunteer until there was a change in leadership.  

I pointed out the error in the ABAZ staff’s expulsion.  I was then offered an opportunity to appear before the staff.  I did and was expelled a second time.  Again, unnecessary and only a shabby act of spitefulness and a disappointing failure on the part of leadership to follow policy and ethics.

With Ed, Russ, and Alan, they were tossed completely out of the CAF with absolutely no hearing or warning, no nothing!  I immediately recognized that the CAF organization was not one I wanted any part of.  I resigned!

I miss many of the ABAZ volunteers.  I miss flying Stearman 964.  Someday, I hope I can return to a refreshed CAF that no longer tolerates leadership as we’ve seen throughout 2019.

The aforementioned touches on a sad chapter of CAF history.  I will be writing more of an exposé and will publish it as a story on my website.  Stay tuned!

January 27, 2020…   I was able to move The Ghost Ship.  I didn’t fly but felt really good to be able to clamber aboard to perform a run-up then to The Warbirds Hangar for a static display as part of a Aviation Kids Day.  Nice!  

Don’t forget to check out my Aircraft For Sale page.  I will pay you a finders fee for anyone you point my way that buys!  I’ve expanded my site some.  In addition to several nice airplanes, I have a motor coach, a sports car, and some F-15 600 gal. drop tanks!  They work with the A-10 and F-16 as well…

January 21st 2020… Boy Howdy!  This “crud” doth persist!  I don’t know what is making me sicker, the respiratory issue or the news about the Dumocrat’s mordacious excoriation of the President of the United States.  They are like a mangy pack of coyotes trying to bring down a healthy bull buffalo. 

January 17, 2020… Instead of a Daily Blog I seem to lean towards a 10 Day Blog!  

My L shoulder replacement recovery has been a tad slow but it’s coming along.  Then, a few days ago I contracted a horrible upper respiratory infection that has me feeling my age!  Living thru chemistry helps as the antibiotic and cough medicines seem to help a great deal.  I hope you escape dealing with this stuff!  

I hope to get back to the airport in another few days.  See you around!


January 7, 2020…  Nice gathering at Falcon Field t’day.  Lots of activity except at ABAZ where things are conspicuously quiet!  

It was a beautiful 70º day under azure skies.  I’m getting anxious to crawl back in the cockpit.  New shoulder needs a few more days of re-hab…

Hurrah! Brother-In-Law, Norm Tisdale, is now home from his stay at Banner Heart Hospital’s ICU.  He’s doing much better and even did a session with the physical therapist this morning.



2020 is off to a GREAT start!  I woke up with no toe-tag!  I knew it’d be a GREAT day and a GREAT start for the New Year!  Cheryl & I wish you all the BEST!

Please put Norm Tisdale in your thoughts and prayers!  Norm is still in ICU at Banner Heart Hospital (5008).  They still do not have his A-fib under control.  My sister, Martha Jo, is at his side.  We’d ask you add her to your prayer list as well!


New Year’s Eve Day 2019…  This day brings a close to a year that coulda/shoulda been better!  Many good things came out of 2019, but a few aspects have an aroma such that no amount of lime can ameliorate!  The rankness emanating from the offices of the CAF both nationally and locally has been particularly egregious.   Hopefully, one day those who have denigrated those once proud halls will be a dim memory with newness and freshness reborn…

Yesterday we toasted our son, Preston, who turned FORTY SEVEN!  I look at his mother, who looks young enough to be his sister, and I’m absolutely amazed.  Yesterday, Cheryl and I ran Preston’s “record” backwards enjoying, again, the many special moments he’s brought us.  Now we get a repeat performance times three watching our grandkids grow into adulthood.  Gianna, the oldest turns twenty one January 6th.  She’s just returned from her scholastic trip to France.  She gave us all a scare with a medical issue but seems to be fully restored as she returns to her studies at Loyola University (MD).  

Kaylie will begin her second year of college attending Duquesne University on an academic scholarship.  She is in the doctoral program for occupational therapy.  Interestingly, one of the therapists for my shoulder replacement re-hab is a doctoral graduate from Duquesne!  He speaks very highly of their DPT program!

Dylan graduates from high school this spring with a fist full of academic and athletic honors.  He’ll attend his great-grandfather’s school, Colorado State University, on a full-ride athletic scholarship.  Of course back when my Dad was there, they were the Colorado Aggies!  Now, CSU has a very impressive campus acclaimed academically. 

Over the past few days, brother-in-law, Norm Tisdale, has been in ICU at the Banner Heart Hospital.  His simple medical procedure had complications.  Hopefully, he’s now on the mend and will be moved to a regular room and then home🙏🏻

We have new next door neighbors.  We look forward to getting to know them.  Both are acclaimed musicians with eye-popping credits.  Cathal Breslin and Sabrina Hu have two young sons.  Cathal is a professor at ASU Cheryl’s and my alma-matter.   

If you are unable to bring up the video linked below, Go to and search for DannyBoy/The Derry Air/Londonderry Air.  Beautifully performed!

Cheryl and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

December 17, 2019…  I’m real tardy updating my “blog.”  Still recovering from my L shoulder replacement.  It has not been the “non-event” that my R shoulder replacement was (seven years ago).  But, I am getting there.

IMPORTANT!  Please put Captain Larry Guthrie on your prayer list🙏🏻.  AND, consider helping out by contributing to a Go Fund in his name to help with his enormous financial challenge which is no where near his tremendous health challenge>

Just when I thought Larry was finished meeting serious health challenges here he goes again!  Holy Smokes!  

Larry, a captain with American Airlines was forced to go to Medical Disability fifteen months ago for was was initially diagnosed as a stroke.  A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive type of stomach cancer known as adenocarcinoma with signet ring cell feathers. A Laparoscopy indicates the cancer to be late Stage 2.  Larry is undergoing chemotherapy now and the doctors are looking at other treatment considerations.

Money is needed to help with immediate out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance.  Please help if you can via the link above!    

Cheryl and I are putting Larry at the top of our prayer list!

We have such wonderful memories of our times t’gether and we’d dearly love to create some more memories with our ol’ friend!   So, hopefully, Larry will do as he’s done before and kick this nasty thing in the ass and GET WELL!
Larry was part of my Swan Song at AWA August 1999 when Larry and his wife, the Churchills, Cheryl and I were  onboard the Concorde to England.  3+12 minutes from JFK to Heathrow!  58,000’ and Mach 2.1!  The unbelievable service was something.  That was just the start of an amazing journey.
As I recall we put some 4000 miles on the van we rented traveling all over Austria, Bavaria and Germany before traveling up the AutoBahn to Hamburg where three shiny-new A-319’s awaited.  That trip was a highlight to our respective aviation careers and a bonding of treasured friendships!  
We hope Christmas will turn out to be a good one for Larry!  And, for sure, a Happy New Year for 2020!
On a happier note, our grandson, Dylan Walker, just committed to play football for the Colorado State University Rams.  Dylan is 6’5″ and 238# and will graduate from Pope John Paul II High School in Royersford, PA. with a 3.87 GPG.
Dylan had an outstanding year as a Tight End – Defensive End & Punter.  He received top honors both on offense and defense and was named First Team as TE and DE and Second Team as Punter.
Preston – Dylan – Renee – Coach Steve Addazio


December 2, 2019… Actually, I’m lookin’ forward to my shoulder replacement surgery t’morrow. My LEFT one.  I had my right shoulder replaced 7 years ago.  My left one has been making sleep difficult let along getting in/out of the airplanes.  A different surgeon this time.  Ty Collins, a TOCA surgeon as was Sherwood Duhon, who did my right one back in 2012.  My last one was a non-event.  After having two knee replacements I figured the shoulder would be a bitch!  

Regrettably, I will not be accepting any arm wrestling contests for a couple of weeks.  I’m most anxious to getting it all behind me and being able to clamber aboard an airplane or two.  My CFI certificate needs reinstatement.  As soon as possible I’ll fly with Joe and get that renewed.  

BTW:  I’ve updated my Stearman Training Guide (eliminating references to the CAF).  If you’d like a .PDF copy lemme know.  Or, simply go to the link on my website!

Stearman Training Guide REV 2019-1 16 NOV 2019

Blue Skies & Tailwinds…



November 26, 2019… T’day would have been my Dad’s 108th birthday.  He was here for 81 of ’em.  Most of us have been blessed with superb parents.  None more than my sisters and me.  So, even though they are no longer physically here, their presence is felt especially on their birthday.   In just a couple of days we will celebrate Thanksgiving and those who’ve made us reflect on our blessings… If you are reading this I wish you the same!

November 22, 2019… We had a couple of issues with our pool surface along with a settling crack in the tile.  CDC Pools had updated our entire pool nearly five years ago when Tim Gissel was here to contract us for the work.  You may not have heard of this “Uncommon Hero!”  You should, and here’s a link to his story:

After reading about Tim it’s easy to see how he would work for a great company.  We called CDC to tell them we had a couple of concerns with our pool surface and tiles.  One of the CDC folks came out to inspect and take a few photos.

Right away they called to set up a day/time to return to fix the problem all under their 10 year warranty.  They did and it looks GREAT!  Yup!  We strongly recommend CDC and if you need any pool work, give Tim a call:

(480) 539-7700 Office

(602) 402-2729 Cell


November 17, 2019…   Nice breakfast at Biscuits this morning.  Almost all of our Arizona Stearman Squadron was there.  Always there’s an empty chair honoring our departed Flight Lead, Col. Roger Parrish.  This morning Joe Sottile was conspicuously AWOL.  

Great stories evoked this morning.  Terry opened the ball mentioning the upcoming Allen Airways Fly-In being planned for May 2020.  Of course, some wonderful memories were conjured up of past flights to interesting places with good fellows bonded together in a comradeship as right itself and as lasting as humanity.  Special!

Before signing off, I ask you a look at some exciting aircraft I have for sale:


November 15, 2019… 



November 10, 2019…  UPDATE: My letter of resignation from the CAF follows.  First, I want to say that I am sad for what was and what could be.  However, I am relieved to have removed myself from the cancer caused by the Coates/Campbell/Major connivance!

Apparently, I should have spelled out what Skulduggery and Connivance means and how it applies to the malfeasance ongoing at CAF Headquarters and Airbase Arizona.  

Skulduggery by definition: is the underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickery by a person of low moral character.   

Connivance by definition:  is one’s willingness to secretly allow or be involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral or illegal act.

There is plenty of evidence/examples that both of the aforementioned definitions apply to the President/CEO of the CAF and the Airbase Arizona Leader along with certain members of the elected staff.  NOTE: this does not apply to former XO (Russ) or the Financial Officer (Jim).

So far, there’s but a handful of CAF members/former members who have challenged the Skulduggery and Connivance.  Too many seem to just accept things, shrug their shoulders and move along…  

My letter titled “SKULDUGGERY AND CONNIVANCE” follows:

As the first of the year approaches, I’m looking back at 2019 as a year of disappointments and damn few bright spots.

My greatest frustration is realizing that, for these past many months, I have been swimming up-stream in a river of skulduggery. As discouraging as this has been I’ve remained hopeful that the Headquarters Leadership would recognize the skulduggery going on at Airbase Arizona. Any hope evaporated with the underhanded classless act dealt by Coates to two long serving volunteer members, Gilmore and Newberg. Just prior to the ABAZ election, Coates kicked Alan Ripa out of the CAF. Corruption runs rampant within the CAF.

Alas, it is even worse! While I have, until a few days ago, had the utmost respect for the Headquarters Staff, I now find my respect limited. The president/CEO Hank Coates is undeserving of any respect. His malfeasance, in handling my appeal of expulsion from ABAZ, has been an unbelievable sham. I do not want to deal with him ever again.

Therefore, I want nothing more to do with the CAF organization until, perhaps someday, another Bob Stenevik comes along to put the CAF back on track. I herewith resign.

My own situation pales compared to what the the Coates/Campbell/Major collusion has done to Russ Gilmore and Ed Newberg. The Coates/Campbell/Major connivance is like a page out of Mein Kampf (precedent to the Nazi takeover in 1933 Germany). Gilmore with 23 years of volunteerism, Newberg with 24 years volunteering along with having made a huge investment in museum displays. Many of the aircraft Newberg acquired was at the request of previous Unit Leaders.

You as a HQ Staff and members of the BOD should be ashamed letting something such as this happen. As of now I wash my hands of this once great organization. The CAF has become a festering suppurate place with little to no character shown by those who have been entrusted with leadership. CAF leadership is fraught with corruption!

The latest sickening collusion is Coates having personally prevented the possible election of Alan Ripa. This action is beyond belief. Not qualified? Not allowing the Ripa candidacy? Who is kidding who?

My heart aches for those many wonderful volunteers who have put so much time and effort to the mission. The CAF mission itself has become less than secondary to the subversive “mission” going on behind closed doors. Bob Odegaard must be restless in his grave…


Billy Walker Ex-COL # 35970

NOTE:  T’day Coates is here with Jim Lasche to make “an announcement!”  I will pass this “can’t be a good thing” announcement to you sometime later today.  This “announcement” should happen within the hour.  It is now 1505 local time…

October 17, 2019… It’s been a few days since my last posting.  Frankly, I’ve been really bummed-out after the totally rotten action by BOTH local and national leadership of the CAF.  

Ed Newberg had near a quarter-century as a CAF volunteer at the Arizona wing.  At the request of prior local leaderships, Ed made sizable investments in historic aircraft to display in the airbase museum.  The onerous current leadership has totally ignored his past dedication and investments ignominiously kicking Ed out of the CAF.  

If you know Ed you know him as a good fellow who will do anything he can to help out.  His talents are so far reaching it becomes difficult to condense.  He flies, he fixes, he orchestrates airplane movements, he sings, plays the guitar and harmonica to everyone’s amazement.

Russ Gilmore had over two decades of  service and held several important positions.  A GREAT aviator, he was arguably the best Ops Officer in history according to many long-time members.  Of late he was the Executive Officer (XO) and had been elected by a very high margin.  However, as soon as Russ was elected he was effectively neutered by onerous behind-the-door actions of the Leader, Campbell, and current Ops Officer, Major.    I am amazed at his having put up with the abuse he suffered through while seemingly waiting until a change in leadership could come about in the October 27th Election.   Russ is a retired American Airlines captain.  He is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and authorized to administer type ratings in numerous aircraft.  

What happened to me pales by comparison to what happened to Ed and Russ. I was expelled by the local leadership but am still a member nationally.  I’ll fix that right away.  I want nothing to do with an organization who condones a serious lack of forthrightness – especially in those entrusted with leadership roles.  The airbase has become a terrible neighbor to others sharing space at Falcon Field.  I had hopes that electing a new leader would begin a healthy turn-around.  Apparently, that will not happen!  

The absolute crap these malfeasants are pulling to manipulate the up-coming election is something totally sickening!  I will expound on this after it becomes fact in 10 days…

I’ve learned who my friends are and who aren’t.  I’ll miss those of you who feel saddened about this and who’ve offered me emotional support.  Thank you!


October 9, 2019…  NOT a good day for the CAF nor the Arizona Airbase.  Two long-time volunteer members, actually stalwarts, were summarily kicked out of the CAF entirely today.    More to follow!


October 7, 2019…  I enjoyed a nice lunch with Michael Beale at Durants, a wonderful old steakhouse, on Central Ave, that has been there nearly seven decades.  Great food and ambiance made for an excellent choice for a place to visit about old pilots and old airplanes.  

Michael, a lawyer, flew with me sometime ago in 964, the magnificent Stearman I restored and sold to the CAF foundation.  Michael saw a story I’d written about a college buddy/fraternity brother, Larry Duthie, who’d been shot down and was, we wrongly thought, KIA (Killed In Action).

Michael has loaned me a book “Dead Men Flying” by “Mule” (Mike Mullane) one of Duth’s squadron mates who, later, became a lawyer.  Mike & Michael were with the same firm and have remained good friends since.  

I feel like I too know “Mule” from all the stories Duth has shared about his Navy experiences and those intrepid Navy aviators he shared combat extremes with…


Also, if you are an Vietnam era aviation historian, check out this link to an absolute TREASURE:


October 5th, 2019…  The rumor mill is working fast and furious at ABAZ!  Apparently, some of the “leadership” at the airbase are spreading rumors that I have sued the Airbase and the CAF.  NOT TRUE!   Certainly, the potential is there for that to happen, but I hold on to a slim thread of hope that the wrong-headedness will go away and that our differences might still be resolved.  

If you have heard this rumor, please tell the person spouting it that he/she is wrong!


October 2, 2019…  Please take a look at this link to Alan Ripa’s website.  It tells his story and speaks volumes as to his ability to lead Airbase Arizona back to a happier and neighbor–friendly place:

ABAZ Election is set for 27 OCT!

Below:  the late David Voplait with Mac McCauley lost in “Nine-O-Nine’s”crash.  Mac had over 7000 hours flying the B-17!

April 22nd, 2019 David was lost in the crash of the Northrup N9MB “flying wing” 

NEWS FLASH:  B-17 “NINE-O-NINE” CRASH!  My long-time flyin’ buddy, Mac McCauley was the pilot (PIC).  Great guy, excellent pilot.  


His co-pilot, Mike Foster was a highly experienced former Navy Captain and retired Northwest Airlines 747 captain.😢


On a happier note, here’s up to 11 Corsairs in formation recently:


September 30th, 2019…  As of t’day I am 18 years old with 60 years experience!   Just like the fellow who fell off the 33 story sky scraper.  …as he fell past the 21st floor he hollered to a lady on her balcony, “So far – so good!”

No real complaints, it’s been an amazing experience, this life I’ve been blessed with.  The good people, I’ve come to know, far outweighing the bad.  I’ve had to deal with a few (5) not-so-good folks lately.  I’m hopeful that will be a thing of the past by January 1st.  

So, if you are not one of those 5 (who know who they are) thank you for your friendship…


September 8th, 2019…  

Three days from now we will be seeing remembrances of the horrors of 9/11/2001.  Horrors for sure!

Here’s my perspective from that time:


August 29th…

Cheryl & I stopped by to check on N-29XF currently in hangar PP1 at Falcon Field.  I had not exercised the airplane for nearly 10 days.  So, I pulled this amazing airplane out and ran up the engine.  All systems checked out great. Next trip to the airport will have me exercising the duster to remove the remains of a recent dust storm.  If I was just 20 years younger this would be MY airplane!   It’s YOUR’s – just a phone call away!

August 27th…  We had an absolutely wonderful time with our nephew Kurt Garbin (my sister MJ’s oldest) at his stunningly beautiful mountain ranch near Steamboat.  Lots of wildlife abound with deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, bobcats, and some marmots that he is trying to discourage.  Kurt has HD motion camera’s so, day or night, he never misses a visitor!  

Talk about difficult leaving serenity…  Kurt is one of Caterpillar’s best salesmen.  Below: why we limit our visits to Kurt’s to summer weather…

This afternoon we rolled into Red Cliff Inn on the Colorado River NE of Moab.  We have stayed here many times.  Something about this place keeps drawing us back.

Below:  Sunrise August 28th – taken from Suite 204 Red Cliff Lodge, Utah a few miles up the Colorado River from Moab.  Serene comes to mind…



Tomorrow we’ll head for Ahwatukee (perhaps one more stop given it’s an 8 hour drive!)  If all goes well for the next 497 miles we will remember this as a really delightful trip resplendent with enjoyable people, scenery, and weather.  👌

August 24th...  Lotsa fun sharing stories with the few surviving classmates from the Class of ’59.  7 were expected (out of the 15 classmates). 6 showed up with Merle Oxford (Ft. Collins, CO) having to cancel.   We gathered at Post 54 American Legion last evening.  Later, 5 of us plus our support group went to the Firewater for a nice dinner.  T’nite we meet at the historic Wolf Hotel.  

Thanks to Clyde Thrasher and Donna Mae Nordin for their efforts setting up this epic event.  Jody Wilson Saba and Phil, Kenny and son, Jordan, Caroline Henderson Browning, have n’joyed the opportunity to catch up with a sixty year look-back!

Classmate Kenny Carpenter has written several books with one now being made into a movie.  KUDOS Ken!  

During the day t’day, Teense & Sandy Willford took us on a lovely driving trip to the magnificent Brush Creek Ranch, Medicine Bow Lodge, by 10 Mile Inn and past my folks Cedar Creek Ranch at the foot of Old Baldy mountain.

T’morrow, we’ll depart for a scenic drive over the Sierra Madre’s to Steamboat Springs for a visit with nephew Kurt Garbin at his mountain chalet.  This trip has been GREAT so far!  We’ve seen a lot of animal life on this trip.  Deer, antelope, one cub black bear, and we hope an elk or two and, perhaps, a moose will be seen on t’morrows drive as we depart the Platte Valley.

Josh Wood photo (Saratoga Sun) 8/24/19


Surviving members of the PVHS Class of '59

L-R The Henderson girls, Carolyn Browning & Donna Mae Nordin – Jody Wilson Saba – Clyde Thrasher – Will Hill – Billy Walker – Kenny Carpenter (absent but alive and not forgotten: Mary Plunkett, Merle Oxford, Shirley Sanders, and LeRoy Pickett). Several Classmates are in Heaven now and we will check in with them one day in the not so distant future…

Dawn McBride joined us.  She’s the late-great Kendall McBride’s widow.  We remembered well our departed class mates, Norm Perue, Marilyn O’Toole, John Verplanke and Kendall.  Norm was lost in the crash of a Grumman Wigeon off the Alaskan coast.  Marilyn lost her battle with cancer.  John apparently suffered a heart attack while operating a tractor.  Gone all too soon!

August 22, 2019… Cheryl and I arrived in Saratoga, Wyoming at noon t’day for my 60th Class Reunion of the Platte Valley High School “Panthers!”  

I felt it important to attend.  After all I was such a strong part of the academia having graduated 13th in my class!  OK OK!  So there were just 15 in my class…

Coincidentally, there will be about 15 attending our two-day event.  Seven surviving class members along with spouses and significant others.  In my case, my immediate supervisor…

On the way, we spent a night with Charlie and Patricia Trantham in their beautiful home near Durango, CO.  BOY HOWDY did we eat well and nearly as well went the visitin’!  Lotsa catchin’ up in a short time.

Charlie and I flew t’gether at Good Ol’ Frontier Airlines.  There’s a great story about Charlie and me flyin’ a series of trips t’gether.  Charlie, his guitar, and great voice singing as we flew across the “Highline” our route from Great Falls, Montana to Minot, North Dakota and back.

Often we were empty, no passengers and, on occasion, no cargo.  In those instances, Charlie would connect a microphone to his guitar and then play and sing into the intercom.  It was deeeeelightful!  Absolutely!

I remember Charlie playing and singing “Raindrops Are Falling…” The theme song in the Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie “Buch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.”  We were on the first day of a three-day trip.

Charlie finished his rendition.  Then his said, “Who was that that sang THAT song in the movie?”  I could not, for the life of me, remember.  Nor could Sir Charles!

At the end of our trip we both commuted back to Denver on the FAL 727.  Still, neither of could remember the artist who sang that song!  We went to the DEN crew room to take care of the paperwork before heading to the crew parking lot.

Just before we climbed into our respective vehicle and head for home, Charlie said, “I don’t care if it is in the middle of the night, if you remember who sang it, call me!”

Cheryl and I were soundly sleeping at 3AM the following morning when the phone rang.  I groggily answered.  All I heard was “BJ Thomas!” before the phone went dead!

Here it is nearly forty years later and I still remember who sang that song and I remember Charlie.  He made it a pleasure flying the “Highline!” 

Tomorrow we’ll meet life-long friends Teense & Sandy Willford for breakfast before the 10 O’Clock Coffee Gathering at the Saratoga Inn.

Below is the co-owner of the O.P. restaurant in Craig, CO.  We absolutely vote this place #1 for service, food, and ambiance!  Gotta admire the political statement on her t-shirt!

Below:  The plaque on the huge bridge spanning across the Platte River.  Even the street (Pic Pike Road) in front of the Saratoga Inn Resort is named for my father!    His, Mom’s and my sister, MM’s, ashes were scattered there.  I could actually feel their presence at t’day’s visit!

My dad, Pic Walker, moved this bridge intact some 18 miles from Cow Creek to it’s present moorings to link the 1st and 9th holes with the rest of his beautiful golf course.  …the FIRST all-grass golf course in Wyoming!  This was back in 1956 when I was 14 and in the way of this mammoth project…

Boy Howdy has the Saratoga school system changed since the Walker kids went there!  Really nice facilities, along with a beautiful football field, are mind blowing to my 1959 recollections!  Compared to Frank Schilt’s hayfield it wouldn’t hurt nearly as bad getting knocked around on the blue grass at PVHS now!  Below: The sign in front of the high school with Mt. Baldy in the background.


August 14, 2019… I met with my legal team t’day.  As most of you are aware, I’ve been expelled from Airbase Arizona.  Unfortunately, the CAF’s CEO, Hank Coates, upheld my expulsion.  However, in his letter, he based his decision on things attributed to me that I know nothing of!  This thing is likely to go “Western” before it is resolved!  My attorney(s) include the former Arizona State Attorney General, John A. LaSota, Jr. and Tim LaSota a renowned attorney with some notable legal successes to his credits.  

This case is easily termed “bizarre!”  Back in March of this year, I had an issue with the current Airbase Leader’s lack of forthrightness.  I challenged him on that and announced that I was going on a sabbatical until he was no longer the Leader.  Out of spite he “expelled” me.   

I appealed to the President/CEO of the Commemorative Air Force.  Col. Coates upheld my expulsion but he based it on things attributed to me that I know nothing about.  I was accused of making vulgar statements and other unsavory comments that I never made.  I feel very fortunate to have an extraordinarily talented legal team to help me deal with this unpleasant issue.

I greatly miss the camaraderie with fellow volunteer members at the airbase.  I miss flying the magnificent old Stearman that I restored and sold to the Airpower Heritage Flying Museum (CAF).  Hopefully, the elections in October will rid the airbase with the destructive influences presently in control.  As General McArthur said, “I shall return!”


August 10, 2019…  T’day is Fearless Fred Gorrell’s 78th Birthday!  Fred is a pilot with the Arizona Stearman Squadron and all-round Good Fellow!

Sadly, today we celebrate the life of Margaret Pogue (80) who lost her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Margaret was a special friend to Cheryl and me.  We’ll miss her. 


August 9, 2019… Check out the nifty Waco UPF-7 for sale on my “Aircraft and Parts For Sale” page.  Someone will get an amazingly well restored 1940 bi-plane!  Below:  WACO N-29926 with N-29XF a Curtis F11C-2 ‘lookalike’ over Firebird Lake, Arizona.


August 1, 2019…  I thought you might n’joy an e-mail exchange with some aviation extraordinaries I happen to know:

Thanks for sharing that amazing story ‘Shadow’!   (Shadow is a legendary Marine Grunt-turned-fighter pilot)…

See Shadow’s story below in black type…

BTW — I’m still a round engine guy.  I fly N-29XF albeit am tryin’ to sell it for a buddy, Larry Dustman.  It very closely replicates the Curtis F11C-2 “Goshawk.”  It’s fuel injected R1340 has it off the ground at half-throttle and screaming skyward at full throttle.  It’s an absolute joy to fly!


Scott Germain photo Scott is an aviator/photographer extraordinare



17 or 18 years ago,  I flew “Puff the Magic Dragon” for 2 1/2 years doin’ airshows around the country.  We discovered, after-the-fact, it had been “That’s All Brother,” the lead ship in the Normandy Invasion!  Life’s full of missed opportunities!  The CAF rescued this venerable ol’ bird, restored it, and recently flew it to France for the commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day!



My buddy, Captain Larry Perkins, restored an old C-47 with “Puff” in mind from his USA stint in Vietnam.  He wanted to honor those who flew it, and honor those Puff, often heroically, flew to protect those dark lonely nights over the jungles of SE Asia.  We saw many a tear shed by former “Puff” vets on board for a very nostalgic flight in skies devoid of anti-aircraft fire!  Those 2 1/2 years with Larry & Puff were memorable!

In ’71-’72 I was based outta Pochentong Airbase Cambodia.  As I recall, there was just one AC-47 gunship based at PNH albeit it sported 3 .50 Cal guns.   So, instead of the long red tendrils of flame, (tracers) unbroken, you’d see dashed red lines moving thru the night as the .50 Cal tracers reached out from the plane to the ground below… seconds later you’d hear this deep… guttural sound similar to an air conditioning compressor failing.  This venerable ol’ airplane along with the occasional AC-119 and AC-130 was our night entertainment as we watched from the roof of our villa (Toulecourt(sp) located at the NW section of Phnom Penh).  We became expert at discerning the difference between “Incoming and Outgoing!”


Billy with hair and with PUFF 1972 Cambodia

The airwar in Cambodia was run by LTC Mark Berent.  Mark was on his third tour in SE Asia.  F-100s then F-4s where he became “Poppa Wolf” Commander of the Fast FACs.

AMAZING!  A LTC doing a 3 Star’s job!  You will likely recall that Nixon and Kissinger were telling the world that there were no American’s in Cambodia!  So, Mark, as the US Embassy USAF Air Attaché, had this duty dumped in his lap.  He grabbed up the challenge and did extraordinary well.  He saved my sorry butt twice!  After the war Mark wrote 5 books that became required reading at the USAFA and the War College.  Mark’s books are fact-based novels.  Just the names changed to protect the not-so-innocent… Page turners ALL!


Back to “PUFF” — Larry had Dillon Precision (KSDL) build 4 (one spare) 7.62 replica mini-guns of which 3 pointed out the aft windows and doorway.  Larry installed a dozen B-747 seats up front for riders.  We’d open the top escape hatch and delight in the long-haired girls visiting the cockpit where their hair went vertical!   A few baseball caps departed the airplane too!  

I had begun my airline career with Frontier Airlines in 1967.  The DC-3 was my first airplane there.  Like most who flew Her I loved that old “Goon!”  Even though we’d need to wear slickers backwards flyin’ thru the rain!  It was an airplane most of it’s pilots revered.  DANG! I’d sure love to turn the clock back…

From: Roy Stafford 

Subject: Round engines saved the night…

Date: July 31, 2019 at 9:55:03 PM EDT


You were a round engine guy… here’s a little story from my Grunt days. Fast movers aren’t always the best choice.

A little background to this… About 12 years ago… one of my Grunt Buds reached out to me. He was my first Company Commander. In an email he asked about one of our Lieutenants who was killed after he’d left to return to the States. He asked me because I was on the same patrol when we got ambushed and Hartley was killed… happened right in front of me. Well he distributed it to others and one night our phone rang and my wife answered and this voice says… “Mrs. Stafford, you don’t know me… but on the longest night of my life… the voice I kept hearing was your husbands… is he there”? Dan (my former C.O.) had given him my phone number. His name was Don Cuneo. What he was referring to was what happened a couple of days after Hartley was killed. We’d moved back to Dong Ha from Cam Lo and left behind a small force to guard what remained of a 105 battery until the last guns could be removed. They also were in the process of breaking down the camp and only had one row of concertina wire left around the perimeter. They were due to join us in a couple of days. Well, the night in question, all hell broke loose. When my wife told me what Don’s opening words were… I. Used it to describe that night. By the way, I recently shared a book with “The Bear” on Heime Aderholt who had a hand in creating “Spooky”… a book we should all read. I found his thoughts and philosophy mirrored my own…. Maybe “The Bear” will give us some comments on his thoughts about it.


See Attachment:  


Before I start… I was wrong about Hartley’s first name… It was Bill (I knew that)… I just screwed up, but at least I suspected I was screwing up… That’s why the disclaimer. 

Two days after the ill-fated patrol… The 105 Battery at Cam Lo was being re-located. As was normal, when we moved out of a place, everything was being broken down, waste and debris buried… wire was being rolled up, etc. The 105 cannons were being helo lifted out as I recall… some may, have been towed. 

On the day in question… I believe there were only three 105’s still there, after the last lift. Alpha had removed much of the wire surrounding the perimeter and I believe in most places there was only one strand of concertina in place. We had a section of 81MM mortars out there with them. I think the mess tent was still up, but a lot of others were pulled down in anticipation of moving the next day or so. Thank God the Command bunker was still up and functioning. 

As the sun went down, it had been a day like so many others… Much busy work, no contact with the enemy. I’m sure the Company was still thinking about Hartley’s and the others deaths. It takes a while to get such a loss out of your system… You don’t show it overtly… or even talk about it much…. But the thoughts are still there. 

As routine as the day had been…. This was to be a night… unlike any other. 

I’m gonna use times, based on a thirty some year memory… I don’t have any official logs or any other data to go by… So don’t harangue me if I’m off an hour or two. 

I believe it was around 0130 or so, that I received the call that Cam Lo was being hit. Looking to the southwest, we could see the flares from the mortars. In the distance we could also hear the rattle of heavy automatic weapons fire and explosions… Occasionally, we could see tracers ricocheting in the air… It was immediately obvious, that this was not an ordinary probe and mortar attack… like we’d become used to. 

I came up on the radio as Permission 6… this was to let everyone know that the Battalion Commander was up on the net. I had rigged my PRC-25 with a speaker when in the rear, so Westerman could hear what was going on as soon as I did. 

In the bunker at Cam Lo was Don Cuneo and one other radio operator… There may have been another… I’m not sure. For the life of me I’ve wracked my brain and can’t remember the other RO’s name. I apologize to him for leaving him out. 

Their initial reports were startling… The perimeter had been breached and the bad guys were running all over the place. 

What we able to glean… in bits and pieces (These guys were running the company net too and were incredibly busy)… was that the attack had started as a mortar barrage. Then sappers, under the cover of their own mortars, came into the wire to blow it up and provide lanes of access. They concentrated on the automatic weapons and machine gun positions. I can’t remember what officer was in the bunker… if there was one… But Cuneo and the other RO were up to their asses in alligators. 

Things were getting worse by the minute and they asked for all the help we could give. Westerman… to his credit… asked Regiment for permission to mount a relief column on 6X’s right away. Regiment nixed the idea… fearing an ambush of such a relief in the dark. As horrible as it sounds… Alpha would be on its’ own. 

I kept talking to them and trying to assure them that we were doing everything we could… That we’d be coming as soon as possible. We then got word that our mortar guys had burnt up 2 tubes already. They were practically vertical… as I remember… and they would fire two rounds