– Stearman Flight Training –

– Stearman Flight Training –

Airbnb Experiences website:  FLIGHT LESSON IN OPEN COCKPIT BIPLANE – Airbnb  1/2 hour intro flights in an open cockpit biplane

90 year-old “Rosie the Riviter” goes for her birthday flight in a Stearman!

Also available: dual instruction to people wanting to learn how to tame the Stearman. With pilot, Craig Judd

Craig has more than 2500 hours flying antique aircraft. He holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and was an honest-to-goodness Rocket Scientist for 38 years developing rocket engines for NASA and the military. Craig is passionate about his flying and is a great Arizona aviation ambassador.

Your’s can be a Biplane flight lesson departing historic Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ. In this experience you will be exposed to flying in open cockpit biplane (Stearman) over the beautiful mountains, northeast of Mesa. The Stearman was used as a primary training airplane for most of the pilots during WWII, so you will be learning in an authentic piece of history. There are only 2 seats in the plane, one for you and one for Craig. You will start with a pre-flight inspection followed by an explanation of the radios and controls. We can fly smooth and level if you like, or we can add in some more energetic maneuvers for those that desire a more thrilling experience. You will be invited to take the controls as part of the lesson. From engine start to return will take approximately 30 minutes.

This is a unique experience where you will be exposed to the same type of training that the “Greatest Generation” did during World War II. Flying and training in the Stearman is like traveling back in time nearly 80 years. This experience would certainly make a most memorable gift for birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, or “just because”. It’s also a great gift for the pilot who has everything. A Hold Harmless agreement will need to be signed before flying. I personally recommend Craig. We’ve flown the Stearman together many times.

To schedule directly with Craig call: (480) 619-1932. Or schedule thru the AirBnB link above.