My LIST of Stories herein:

My LIST of Stories herein:
My LIST of Stories herein:

NOTE: Soon the University of Wyoming (my home state) will takeover this website. Everything will be just as it is now (with the exception of a few last minute additions/subtractions) and available for public access. However, I will no longer be able to make any changes. It will all be as-in in perpetuity!

It is my hope that many will want to access the sight to read/use the stories. Perhaps view the many photos in the gallery on the Aircraft Sales page.

I would like to say a sincere “Thank YOU” for taking the time to checkin to my website. I hope it has brought enjoyment to you.

Billy Walker – August 29, 2022

There is no set order to my stories. As I add a story I make no attempt to put one ahead of another with one exception. My current BLOG – The Latest and Greatest… I will try to keep at the top for updating and ease of finding it.

My old pal, Mike Daciek has some of his GREAT stories next then my AIRCRAFT FOR SALE section followed by more than eighty stories and videos. Please note: My stories are GUARANTEED to thwart insomnia!

There are a few stories I’ve added that were written by other individuals. The Felix Smith story was written by Sam Roberts. Authors Jay Price and Peggy Lim wrote about Jim Rhyne. Intrepid former USAF fighter pilot, LTC Ron Green has some of his included herein.

Some of you have asked me for recommendations about setting up a website and other technical things I have no clue about. However, I’m very adept at contacting Bob Diercksmeier <>. Bob is amazing and can point you where you need to go!

Comments both favorable and critical are welcome! Thank you for checkin’ in. N’joy and STAY SAFE!

Below: A list of the stories in sequential order. Just click on the URL link below the title:

BLOG – The Latest And Greatest…

Captain Mike Daciek’s Stories:


The Ghost Ship N-29XF:

I Never Did, But Almost:

Earlier Blog Oct 2017 — April 2020:

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An Introduction — my start with having a BLOG

The Summer of 1954

  Mark Berent (Exceptional man & War Hero)

  Maj. Gen. Carl Schneider

  Larry Birleffi & The Jolly Boys

  LTC Ron Green (war stories)

  Cripple Creek by Mary Walker

  Captain Ralph S. Johnson (mentor and Aviation Treasure)

  Another Ralph Johnson story by Purdue student historians

  Lt. Jack Shively (KIA WWII)

  Vietnam Primer by Col. Joe Abodeely

  Arthur & Capt’n Eddie (Aviation History)         

  Major CC Moseley 1894 – 1974  (Aviation History)

  Funny Bunny – a story from the heart!

  Plains Airways WWII CPTP (aviation history)

  Roger n’ Me (aviation history – formation flying, etc)

  Randy Sohn’s Round Engine Notes (technical – aviation)

  Pic’s Airmaster (aviation history – from the heart)

  Stearman Training Guide – 2019 (technical – aviation)

  Fly The Wing – technical – aviation

  Ron & Alice’s Begattings

  A Death In The Family — A Frontier Airlines Post-Script

  Jim Rhyne — Air America Aviator And Then Some! by Jay Price & Peggy Lim

  Felix Smith — Air America Aviator And Then Some! by Sam Roberts

(NOTE: This story had a technical glitch. I’ve removed it for now)

  EAA Chapter 1619 ‘Stellar Airpark’ P19

  Air America Reunion photos (2015)

  Old Frontier Airlines Musings


  Nazy (a tragic aviation story)

  Captain Jack Bering Schade 1921-2014 (Aviator Supreme)

  Walker Bunch — Prologue (family history)

  Walker Bunch — Part One (Wyoming)

  Walker Bunch — Part Two (Arizona then)

  Walker Bunch — Part Three (…there’s more?)

  BORN TO FLY by Captain Arv Schultz

  Cheryl – My Wife And Immediate Supervisor

  Rich Sugden (what a life and it’s still going!)

  Captain Pete Lamkin — Best Of The Best!

  Joe Foss — A Proud American

  Bill Cutter — A Peerless Aviator

  General Francesco De Pinedo 1890 — 1933

  Captain Joseph Rutherford Walker 1798 — 1876

  Bessie Coleman, Aviatrix by Cheryl Walker

  Captain Emily Howell Warner – Aviatrix Extraordinare

  Charles A. Lindbergh — My View

  Welling’s Wing (story of a DC-3 hitting a mountain in 1957)

The Chu Lai Incident (VietNam 1970)

  An Uncommon Hero – Tim Gissel

  Billy Parker — Aviator Extraordinare

  Aubrey Keif — Gentleman Aviator

  Cambodian Air Adventure (Vietnam War story)

  Asian Air Adventure by Cheryl Walker

  Uncle Barnsmell my amazing uncle Jack

  Larry Duthie KIA ’67 (a WOW story)

  Formation Flying Lafayette Escadrille d’Arizona

  Charlie And That Yankee Woman a Stearman adventure

  Boeing Stearman History

  Stearman Training Video(s)

  Pancho (legendary aviatrix) by Carly Courtney

  Female Combat Pilots Of WWII by Cheryl Walker

  Adcock & Brown’s Historic Flight in 1919 (museum compilation)

  Col. O.C. “Ole” Griffith

  Cactus Fly in 20009 (Part 1) Alan Ripa (video)

  Cactus Fly In 2009 (Part 2) Alan Ripa (video)

  Emiley Darling’s “Stearman Stories”  (video)

David Edington – Mr. Ronan, Montana

Horrific 9-11-2001 My Perspective

Allied Aircraft, Inc., Tucson, AZ (Great Flying Machines!)

The Marsh And Gary Show – Marsh Trimble Historian

Jay Prochnow’s Harrowing flight

Building An Airplane in 1918

Stud-Hoss-Slick & Tiger (Tom Braniff to Bob Banta)

Captain Dennis Baxendale RIP

Jack Knight (hero of the night airmail)

Statue of Liberty via Drone (video)

WWII CPTP — Plains Airways

How We Made The First Flight by Orville Wright

Warbird & Warrior Stories & Links to some GREAT stories