Blog – Map Welcome to My World?

Blog – Map Welcome to My World?
Blog – Map Welcome to My World?

OK, I’m new at this.  So, cut me some slack!    I switched to ServMask and got rid of GoDaddy.   I now refer to GoDaddy as “GoBadly!”  What a complete sham!  They were all glitz and bullshit!  They were incompetent!  They were unable to solve the simplest of issues.  

Yani Illev with ServMask took a nanosecond to resolve my issue and had me making my own corrections soon after.  ServMask was TERRIFIC as a host website.   However, thanks to IT friends at Airbase Arizona I’ve been working with Bob Diercksmeier (RDJ Creative LLC) a local talented web designer.  With Bob’s masterful help I expect to soon be a vastly improved website with a much easier access to aircraft for sale and some wonderful aviation stories.  Stories of some unsung aviation stalwarts of the days gone by…


Hopefully, the change will be seamless.  But, I could use some input from YOU!  Let me know your likes and dislikes!

I have over SEVENTY FIVE stories & videos about some really terrific folks who have made their mark in aviation.   There will be some “Today-In-Aviation-History” stories in my daily blog.

If you want a particular story simply type a name or word in the search box and that story or stories should appear.  Then simply scroll down to the story that interests you.  If you type, for example, “Walker,” you will have several stories appear.  Just scroll to the one of interest and n’joy!   …and remember, all my stories are guaranteed to thwart insomnia!

If you have any questions, simply call or e-mail me.  (480) 773-2823.

Thanks for checkin’ out “My World!” 

Welcome to My World (Blog Map)

New Daily Blog beginning October 1, 2017 

Aircraft for Sale

Walker Bunch – Prologue

The Adventures of the Walker Bunch PART ONE – Wyoming

The Adventures of the Walker Bunch PART TWO – Arizona

The Adventures of the Walker Bunch PART THREE – So Far-So Good…

BORN TO FLY – by Arv Schultz

Cheryl – My Wife AND Immediate Supervisor!

Rich Sugden “Babies to Warbirds”                                           

 Captain Pete Lamkin                                                                         

Joe Foss – A Proud American                                                            

Bill Cutter – A Peerless Aviatior                                                 

General Francesco De Pinedo                                                   

Captain Joseph Rutherford Walker                                               

Bessie Coleman by Cheryl Walker                                                 

Emily Howell Warner, Aviatrix Extraordinare                              

Charles Augustus Lindbergh (my view) .                                  


 “Fait Pour Valour” Captain Ralph S. Johnson                                  

The Chu Lai Incident by Billy and Arv                                                

An Uncommon Hero                                                                        

Billy Parker – Aviator Extraordinare                                             

Aubrey Keif – Gentleman Aviator                                               

Cambodian Air Adventure                                                             

Asian Air Adventure (from Cheryl’s Diary – 1971-1972)                 

Larry Duthie KIA ’67                                                                  

Formation Flying – Lafayette Escadrille D’Arizona                      

Charlie and that Yankee Woman

Boeing Stearman History                                                           

Stearman Training Videos                                                          

Pancho (story about Pancho Barnes legendary aviatrix            

Female Combat Pilots of WWII                                                 

Adcock & Brown’s Historic 1919 Flight                                           

Col. O.C. “Ole” Griffith                                                                

Cactus Fly In (Part 1) by Alan Ripa -video                                  

Cactus Fly In (Part 2) by Alan Ripa – video                                

Emiley Darling’s “Stearman Stories” – video                                

David Edington – Mr. Ronan Montana

  9/11/2001 – My Perspective                                                             

 The Ghost Ship – N-29XF                                                              

 Allied Aircraft, Inc. – Tucson, AZ                                                    

 The Marsh and Gary Show                                                            

 Jay Prochnow’s Harrowing Flight                                                  

 Building An Airplane In 1918 – video                                            

 Stud-Hoss-Slick & Tiger (from Tom Braniff to “Another Bob…           

 Captain Dennis Baxendale RIP                                                    

 Jack Knight                                                                                  

 Statue of Liberty via Drone – video                                                                             

  WWII CPTP – Plains Airways (work-in-progress)

  How We Made the First Flight by Orville Wright                            

  “Fly the Wing” 3rd edition (4th edition should be out in 2018) 

 Warbird & Warrior Stories & links to some GREAT stories…

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