Ron & Alice’s begattings

Ron & Alice’s begattings
Ron & Alice’s begattings

The following is from Ron Allen, who married Alice Lotz.  Alice is Cheryl’s sister.  This is Ron’s unedited story.  Well sorta.  His daughter, Carol, sent some corrections.  Regardless, it’s a great story about one of America’s finest families.

Ron, having just been discharged from his service in the USAF, experienced a serious spine injury in a car accident.  For years, I recall it having to do with his neck, possibly a broken neck.  Not good!  But, he had such good care he married her!  What a match they’ve been.  Alice and Ron are terrific to be with.  The entire family is.  One huge draw to the east coast is that Ron can cook!  Boy Howdy!  His eggplant parmesan is to die for!

The following is Ron Allen’s explanation of “what happened next:”  A few nudges from Ron’s daughter, Carol:

“So, how did it all begin – hum – let’s see – When Ron was due to be discharged from the Air Force, he and his friend John were to drive East. But then, Norman asked if they could delay their departure for another day and he, being from MD, would ride with them. So they waited. The following day all three begin the trip East. John driving, Ron in the middle of front seat and Norman nest to him. Driving East from Knobnoster, MO to NJ (where John lived). Going through Kingdom City in MO an “S” curve, an oncoming car did not make his part of the S – head on collision. It seems Mr. Cobb (oncoming driver) had just left his eye doctor’s office and had his eyes dilated and his vision was impaired. All 4 of them were taken to Audrain Country Hospital in Mexico, MO. John had a severe fracture of his left leg and was in a full leg case, Ron had whip lash of his neck and was on Striker frame and “ice picks tongs” in his head, and Norman’s face was like hamburger, having hit the front window and it’s frame. Mexico MO being a small community (14,000) – everyone heard of the accident and were concerned for all of us. Norman, having more recently been discharged was taken back to the base. John and Ron were considered “civilian” and stayed at Audrain. The town’s people was very thoughtful and considerate and many came to visit with John and Ron. One of the nursing assistants (Mrs Isman) had a daughter working at a “candy stripper” having just graduated from high school. This candy stripper has also been awarded a full scholarship to a nursing program at De Paul Hospital, St Louis MO – run by The Little Sisters of the Poor. Mrs. Isman, had all of her children come to visit us (I – including Alice – our candy stripper) – there seems to be immediate chemistry between Ron and Alice. He on the striker frame and she learning nursing techniques. Well, John’s parents arrived to take him home. They had to open the window on the train to get him inside – his cast was full length leg (he was 6 4). Ron’s Mom and sister-in-law came out to be with him. Dottie eventually had to return, she had a job. Ron’s Mom stayed in a boarding house near the hospital (Mrs Pretch – she called Ron “Dear Heart”) Ron had 2 fractured vertebra and could have been paralyzed from the neck down. Fortunately he had Dr Leonard who drilled two holes in his skull and inserted the “ice pitch” with 10# weight. I stayed there that way for 2 months – the they put me in a body cast from the top of my head, around my jaw over my shoulders down my body to my hips and across my pelvis, so I could travel home. But the attraction between Ron and Alice was still there and they began communicating. Alice have received the scholarship had a 1 year obligation to the state of MO – but during her years in nursing school, they wrote daily. Then began to use tape recorded messages to one another so they could hear each other. Alice made a trip East after graduation. Ron proposed and date was let for October 8, 1960. The bands taking place in Mexico MO. I flew out over a week end and returned with my bride. The story continues…”

“And the story continues – Ron and Alice begat Donna Marie who married James Faieta and they begat the twins, Rachel and Victoria (Tori) and then Tayor. Donna is the Administrative Assistant at St Mary’s Church (our church) – Jim is an “jack of all trades” and does many different tasks – Rachel has a BS from Boston University – She was in a per-med program, but never files to go to medical school. Now she is an RN at Salem Hospital. She is currently working in the Oncology ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Tori got a full athletic scholarship to Stonehill College and has a BA in Graphic Arts, then received a full scholarship from a school in England for a MBA – (google Tori) after one year she had an injury and returned home. She currently is the Assistant Athletic Coach and also in the Master’s program at Suffolk University in Boston. Taylor just graduated from Salem State College with a BS in Psychology and is working for Bridgewill, although she had been working for them all through high school and college. Both Tori and Taylor are hearing impaired. If you google Tori Faieta you’ll read a marvelous write up on her. Donna and family life within walking distance of us.

And then Ron and Alice begat Carol who married Michael Hollingsworth and they begat Adam, Ryan and Devin Rose – Carol works for the MASSPORT at Logan Airport – MASSPORT is the budget coordinator for the Massport’s Real Estate Department. Michael works for a vending company (has for the past 30 years) – and his company has just been taken over by another vending company. This has happened several times during his employment. Adam married Jaci and they have 3 sons – David, Jonathan and Matthew – Adam works for (well if I told you, I’d have to kill you) kind of company. Jaci is a product analyst for a large firm in Boston.. Not sue what that means, but I think she analysis’s products prior to their being allowed on the market. Once assigned a product, she has to follow it through (this can takes days) before the evaluation is completed. Intense type of job. They live in Andover, MA – about 50 minutes North of us They both graduated from Merrimack College, which is where they met. David is 7 – Jonathan will be 5 this July and Matthew 3 in October. Ryan is married to Kristen and they have 2 children, Ryan Jr (6) as of 11/2018 and Ava Issabella – 5 & 3. Ryan works at the GE in Lynn. He graduated from Suffolk University in Boston with a degree in Criminology with a minor in Social Work. Kristen is a licensed Cosmetologist and worked at that professional for quite a while. She did eventually open the Lice Clinic of the North Shore 3 and ½ years ago using a heat method at the clinic. It is doing quite well and operates pretty well on its own. After having vacationed in Hawaii and tasting some food they enjoyed so much, they decided to open a take out service here. Lots of planning, effort and money went into the opening of it in Beverly. Happy to say after 2 months they were in the black financially. It’s amazing how well the public responded. Now they’re considering opening another one in Salem, MA. Kristen is quite the adventurous and business wise. They live in Boxford, MA maybe 40 or 45 minutes from us. Next Carol and Mike had Devin Rose – she’s still lives at home. Works for a fertility clinic in Burlington, MA. Commutes there daily down Route 128 – takes about 1 hours to get there. She has had a variety of other positions, but really enjoys this one. Love the social aspect of meeting with all the people and professionals. She attended Marion Court College in Swampscott, MA. Carol and Mike live within walking distance of us.

And then – Ron and Alice begat Christopher who married Jennifer and they have 3 dogs – no children – they did try, not successful. They live in Tyngsboro MA (just below the New Hampshire border( and about 40 minutes Northwest from us. Chris, after serving 8 years in the Navy on a Nuclear Submarine (he’s 6 ft 5 in)became interested in “water”. He wanted to be a biologist and went to SMU (Southern Massachusetts University) for 1 year – it didn’t work out – so into the Navy. .He is now the District Manager of Action Water Department, Acton, MA. Jennifer is a mental health professional and works for the Mass Department of Mental Health. She has a large client base to take care of. They are mentally impaired clients and she is responsible for all of their needs, care and supervision. She works in Lowell, MA. From where they live, its a short drive to either Action or Lowell. All of their dogs are rescues. Jennifer has two sisters, Carrie and Crissy who work at the HOME where Aunt Evelyn lived for the past 15 months. They loved her and took great care of her. Carrie, then head nurse, was the one who arranged for Aunt Evelyn to be allowed to move in. She is now the Administrator (as of this past May) After Chris we had 2 pregnancies that did not go to full term.. Jennifer’s, Carrie’s and Crissy Mother also lived at the HOME and passed there. She had dementia and several medical conditions. Their Father was an RN and passed several years ago

And then – Ron and Alice begat Jason who is married to Rhonda and they have two children. Connor (recent HS grad and Hannah, just transitioned from middle to high school. They live in Seabook NH, about 40 miles north of us and on the Atlantic coast. Jay is a Lt with Seabrook Police Department. Rhonda, after commuting down to Boston every day, decided to take a position in Seabook. She is the office manager for two doctors and also works at the Seabrook Recreation Center. Connor works at the Center also and will enter college in the fall. He wants to be an architect – fortunately there are 6 colleges and universities in NH for him to consider. Hannah at 14 is approaching 6 ft is very artistically talented. She’s a bright young women – does well in school and is a social butterfly.

And the story continues – with Ron & Alice begat Paul who married Kim and they have 3 children, Michael, Matthew and Mark. Paul works now for a government contractor on Hill AFB UT. He served 23 years in the Air Force and retired two ago. His career began at Hill so many years ago and eventually he met Kim. She’s a British citizen and as such, has to register every January with the government. Her parents are both in England and they take turns visiting one another on an every other year basis. When the boys were or will be old enough, she takes them with her. Paul had an Automotive Engineer degree when he entered the AF. He primary worked on flight lines at the bases he was stationed. He and his family spent 4 years in Alaska and loved it. We visited him there during the assignment. He was also in Las Vegas and we visited them there also. He went from Alaska to Nevada then to UT, where it all began. Kim has had many jobs depending on where they were stationed at the time. Michael is a musician – plays several instruments, and is in about 3 different band groups. His primary instrument is the trombone – his girl friend, Jonali is the lead singer. In fact, they are en route this very minute (June 28 @ 1:45 PM) driving here. His hope for many years has been to relocate this this area. Every time they visited in the past, he always wanted to stay or return. He also has had a few jobs and should have no problem finding work here and be able to pursue his musical ambitions. They might end up in Salem MA. Jonali is also a card reader (she has the gift) and I’m sure will continue that, especially if they live in Salem (The Witches City) Matthew recently his RN program and is working at a local hospital. Also recently purchased his own condo and is enjoying everything. He has a significant other also named Matthew – but know at Matt. Mark is still at home an just entered high school. He is a racer on ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). Loves it. Paul is able to maintain the vehicles and they travel around the UT and local states so Mark can compete. Mark also loves it here and hope to one day relocate. Maybe once Michael is settled and Mark is older…who knows”

Below:  it’s always a special occasion when the Allen Bunch gather.  Cheryl and I were delighted to be present for this one!

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