Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…
Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

July 20, 2020… Frontier Airlines, the original Frontier, had an extraordinary group of employees. I had the very high honor of flying with many as well as working with those folks on the ground who made the airline run smoothly.

One, a stewardess, I married! This next April 8th, 2021 will be our Golden Anniversary! Hard to imagine anyone with the kind of staying power Cheryl must have. I’m truly blessed!

Another one of those I flew with, Maggie Dow, was a really terrific stewardess. Back then they were stewardess’ before the name changed to “flight attendant.”

Maggie’s last name is Podunovich. Back in our flyin’ days it was Dow. But then Maggie could complicate things.

She came across her father’s letters and made ’em into a fine read. Johnny Dow would be really proud of his little girl.

Her book is available on N’joy!

Also, here’s a Gary Oglesby video of me leading a 56 airplane flight over the Fairmont Princess a couple of years ago. Nostalgia is a good thing for we aviator wannabes!

Off my left wing is Lee Maxson in Stearman 610. The red Stearman off my right is Mike Doyle’s and honors Cap’n Dillon Haynes, an absolutely remarkable young man with an unsurmountable enthusiasm for aviation. Kurt Gearhart is flying Stearman 955 in the slot. Joe Sottile leads the flight just behind us in Stearman 386 with Larry Dustman to his left and Mike Braegger in the Waco to his right. Danny Don in his Ryan PT-22 is in the slot. It was a fine day to celebrate Independence Day.