Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…
Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

July 26, 2020… Cheryl and I are shocked with disbelief after hearing from our good friend, Doug Morgan called.

Doug is a farmer in Goodland, Indiana and the nephew of my mentor, Captain Ralph S. Johnson.

Above is a photo of Doug and Peggy taken March 26, 2011 at the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

We shared many happy times when Doug and Peggy came for some vacation time at their nifty hide-a-way in Rio Verde.

All was going well for Doug and Peggy as they moved into retirement mode. Not quite yet, but soon.

Then, this past Thursday a hit-and-run driver ended Peggy’s life as she peddled her bike into their little town to mail some letters.

The county sheriff was able to locate the cowardly scoundrel who left the scene. Thanks to another driver who witnessed the horrible scene.

He was found hiding in an attic. Confronted by law officers he saved the county some money and took his own life.

He won’t be missed, but Peggy certainly will. Cheryl and I are tearfully remembering out wonderful friend, a retired teacher, who gave so much of her caring self to so many.

We will never know the extent of Peggy’s influence. It must be considerable!