Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…
Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…



August 1, 2020… It’s been a week since we learned the devastating news of Peggy Morgan’s tragic death. The memory of this special friend stays with us. We will miss her greatly!

I attended our weekly Saturday breakfast on the taxiway outside of Jim Thorne’s hangar at the Chandler Airport. Fewer attendees with the high temperatures. Our host, Jim Thorne, and Mike Braegger were first to arrive.

Jim, Mike and I owned this really terrific airplane t’gether for several years. It was a perfect partnership. Jim took care of the N-6RJ books, Mikey handled the maintenance, and I flew the airplane. Perfect! …until Jim and Mike figured out my scam!

What an airplane! Restored by aeronautical engineer, Roland Joslyn, and fitted with an IO-470 (260 hp) engine, it cruised faster than most light twins.

When we decided to sell N-6RJ, Cheryl said, “You’ll regret selling this airplane!” She was, and is, right.

In the photo, the V-35B Beech Bonanza parked next to N-6RJ belonged to Don Campbell. Fred Gorrell was flying it with four on board. My nephew and his wife were flying with us.

Fred and Don with their wives took off first. Seeing the turbocharged 285 hp Bonanza off and climbing, with the gear coming up, I began our takeoff roll.

Soon, Fred came on frequency and asked, “Should I cut back the power so you can catch up?”

I said, “if you look up above, slightly ahead of your right wing, you’ll see us a thousand feet above you!” Boy Howdy! What an airplane!

Roland did some fine engineering work on N-6RJ. He used the micro-balloon process glassing over the already smooth plywood wings. He imbedded the antennas, re-engineered the tail-plane out riggers, and inverted Cessna 182 wheel pants as speed fairings for the main gear. He painted it with a smooth-sick wet-look Imron paint.

Then he flew it to Oshkosh for the huge EAA fly-in. Not even intending on entering the competition, he won Grand Champion 1977! 30 years later it still looked like a winner!

Roland stopped by once while visiting friends in the Phoenix area. We had a nice visit and he was able to see his “ol’ friend N-6RJ!”

During the Korean War, Roland flew the Douglas B-26 (A-26). So, we had lots to visit about given I used to own one. Also, I majored in Aeronautical Engineering Technology at ASU. Here the commonality stopped. I woulda likely starved as an engineer!

A few more attendees showed up for our weekly “Ramp Check Breakfast” this morning. Dave Miller arrived, then Kelly and a couple of fellows out ridin’ their bikes. Ken Lambert was AWOL!

Lots of controversial theories about the November election and the strife the airlines are going thru was the conversational focus. The disturbing thing was that NOTHING was said about girls and/or airplanes!