Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…
Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

I just received a book from Captain Mike Daciek about his military and commercial flying history. I’m half-way thru Mike’s book and hope to have it for you to read soon.

Mike and I began our airline careers on the same day, July 5, 1967. Captain Johnny Myers hired us. In fact Johnny hired most every pilot in those days.

We had, initially, 14 in our nefarious class of Frontier Airlines new-hires. Two, apparently never showed up, so we’ve always thought there were 12. Mike was the old guy at 33 and fresh out of the USAF. I was the youngster at 23 and fresh out of general aviation where I sold airplanes and flew charter flights.

Most of our surviving classmates have kept in touch. Mike and I especially.

Mike was likely the most prepared in our class. He’d been flying the Lockheed C-130 which had, essentially, the same engine as the Convair 580 we were to be trained on. The Allison 501D13-H was a close kin to the Allison T-56 both using a very complicated Aeroproducts propeller.

We would joke that the designer of that propeller was likely babbling in a care facility somewhere insane from dealing with that propeller’s complexities.

In fact, our class had an inordinate amount of joke telling. It was fun! Mike especially. In those days it was common to poke fun at the Polish. Mike was of Polish Heratige an proud of it. In fact, NO ONE told more Pollock jokes than Mike. I still call him “The Polish Prince!” He signs his notes “PP!”

Mike is multi-talented. He is a “Teller of Stories” and can write such that the reader can’t wait to turn the page. …like I am now with the book he shared.

I have a Mike Daciek section herein. Just go to the Search Box and type in his name. The “Polish Prince” will regale you with some wonderful glimpses of his sordid past. Actually, his past isn’t sordid, but likely woulda been if it wasn’t for the love of his life, Joan, who has kept ol’ Mike on the straight & narrow!