Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…
Blog – When I get ’round 2 it… Began 25 April 2020…

July 8, 2020… I would bet, like me, you are getting pretty sick of the anarchy rampant in America lately. Boy Howdy! Cheryl and I are plumb-tired of it along with the Chinese virus (COVID-19) pandemic! A nephew who is a nurse took umbrage with my calling the virus “the Chinese virus!” I wasn’t scientifically correct.

In 1918 “The Spanish Flu” had nothing to do with Spain but that’s what they called that pandemic! Now my nephew wants to criticize me for calling COVID-19 “the Chinese virus” when, factually, that is where it began!

T’day the news is reporting that one utterly misguided idiot, Don Lemon, wants to put Obama on Mt. Rushmore! WHAT! Lemon’s reasoning is ludicrous!

Only four years ago Sen. Bernie Sanders, a man not noted for a surfeit of patriotic fervor, visited Mount Rushmore and pronounced: “It really does make one very proud to be an American.” On Friday, when President Trump made the pilgrimage, we were told that he was appearing, in the words of a CNN reporter, “in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans.”

Do you think we might have a fair and balanced news reporting? Not hardly!

Below is a magnificent photo of how I hope Mt. Rushmore remains with, of course, an occasional fly-by of the Blue Angels!

Mt. Rushmore with a Blue Angels salute (compliments of Dr. Rich Sugden)
July 16, 2013

The last time I saw Mt. Rushmore prior to the photo of Cheryl and I enjoying our 2013 visit, was flying past, at low level, in a Frontier Airlines Convair 580. That was back in those wonderful days of yore when you could get away with an occasional potential FAA violation.

I was with the airlines (Frontier – America West – JetBlue) for forty wonderful years. No accidents and no violations! WHEW!

And now on to another subject:

COVID-19, a more analytical perspective and details you’ll want to study for your own well being!

This comes from legendary aeronautical engineer, Burt Rutan, thru mutual friend, Rich Sugden. Burt’s son, Jeff, has put his father’s analytical style behind a comprehensive study of what is going on with this terrible pandemic.

Thanks to Burt … who approaches all this with a skilled engineers mentality … THE FACTS … ONLY THE FACTS PLEASE!!  
If you can build a rocket, and send it to space with passengers, you can certainly come to grips with a virus !!  

This is NOT rocket science, as Burt likes to say!!

The graph shows data that is hidden by CNN/NYT/etc, who want the public to buy-in to closing schools/beaches and want to drive us back into house arrest and economy collapse. 
Jeff Rutan has invested over 1200 man-hours on his interactive App that displays all the Covid19 data in any format you choose.  Study this summary.  It shows US data for identified covid cases and deaths from covid. The x-axis is dates starting from first death, and ending on July 6th.
Clearly the identified cases has spiked upward, matching the surge of testing the last six weeks.  However, the new deaths in the same time period has dramatically dropped, following the continuous trend since the death spike in April.
Yes, the hospitals are now busier the last six weeks – they are now dealing with the non-covid illnesses that they would not cover during the panic of March and April.
With the help from the fake Media, Liberal Governors and Mayors are proceeding to destroy our freedoms and our happiness.  The left is angry, and wants everyone to be angry, while Americans have every reason to rejoice in the success of how we are progressing in this pandemic war.
[Note the “new deaths to scale” in the last graphic … visual evidence of the lethality of the virus … thank God it is not as lethal as Ebola!! – RS]