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  Larry grew up in Saratoga, something I’ve yet to accomplish!  Saratoga has a Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing River, the North Platte flowing smack-dab thru it.  Both Larry and I find every opportunity to limber up our fly rods given the influence a place like Saratoga had on us…. After losing.

Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame

  The following is a photo/copy of the booklet published by the Newcomen Society in 1995 for the very first Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame celebration/induction.  I had the high honor of being the keynote speaker for this event.  I was doubly honored given my father was one of the.

Aviator Par Excellence!

My flight with Ralph, by Kent Westedt  One day Kent Westedt had an unbelievable flight with Ralph. They were solid IFR and lost all electrical and all instruments! All they had was a magnetic compass to fly with! Ralph adroitly mentally converted the magnetic compass into a primary flight display.

My First Car, a Dooziemobile!

The photo above is a 1938 Chevy sedan at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona..  Mine was also a 1938 Chevy sedan, but nothing as nice as this one!  Mine was a light greenish/whitish color with a pink dash board.  All hand painted.  With a brush!  Barrett-Jackson wouldn’t.

CAPTAIN RALPH S JOHNSON Interviews by son Steve

Ralph Johnson — His life and (amazing) times A three-part series recorded in June 1996 at the time of Ralph’s 90th birthday Interviewer: Stephen Johnson.   These are MP4 videos on a thumb drive and very big files.   Part 1: Chronicles life on the Johnson family farmstead in the.


IT WAS A CLOSE CALL!  I coulda been born in Colorado or over Colorado!  I coulda been born in flight in an airplane!  Just like this airplane! Mom went into labor with me in-flight between Denver and Cheyenne. Hear-tell, Mom hollered at my Dad, “You’d better hurry, this baby is.


My Granddad, John J. Walker, bought “Sally” the Pinto pony that cousin Georgene is sittin’ on.  Granddad Walker was a “Westerner” and he wanted his grandkids to know how to ride horseback.  Cousin Jimmy Lee Osborn was the first to learn to ride Sally.  Next was cousin Georgene.  I was.

I never did, but almost…
I never did, but almost…

I was almost born in the cabin of my father’s twin engine Beechcraft. I wasn’t, but almost was.  My parents were enroute from Greeley to Cheyenne, a short flight, when my mother went into labor.   I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming September 30, 1941 less than five minutes after.