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The following story came from a retired USMC “grunt” turned Marine Corps F-4 ‘Phantom’ fighter pilot, call sign: “Shadow!”     It’s like we are old friends but haven’t actually met in person.  We’ve exchanged a lot of e-mails and a few phone calls.  His stories are delightfully interesting and.


My Granddad, John J. Walker, bought “Sally” the Pinto pony that cousin Georgene is sittin’ on.  Granddad Walker was a “Westerner” and he wanted his grandkids to know how to ride horseback.  Cousin Jimmy Lee Osborn was the first to learn to ride Sally.  Next was cousin Georgene.  I was.

LANDON – A story about a very determined young pilot!

In April 2022, Landon Lucas, 19, was recovering in ICU – A year prior to that, at 18, he received notoriety by performing a difficult emergency landing on the New Jersey causeway. This past April (2022) The Jackson Hole news reported: “Teen pilot from Jackson severely injured in New Mexico.

Flyin’ With Charlie

Back in the good ol’ days I had the good fortune to fly Frontier’s Twin Otter across the Montana/Canada border in and out of fabulous international airports such as Wolf Point International, Montana.  Ah yes, it was a glorious time made more so by the magnificent talents of one all-time.


DAVE’s YAK September 16, 2022   In the June 2003 issue of America’s Flyways, the cover story was “Dave’s Yak.”   Since that story included several really important people in my life, as well as a couple of terrific flying machines, I wanted to include the story on my website.