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My First Car, a Dooziemobile!

The photo above is a 1938 Chevy sedan at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona..  Mine was also a 1938 Chevy sedan, but nothing as nice as this one!  Mine was a light greenish/whitish color with a pink dash board.  All hand painted.  With a brush!  Barrett-Jackson wouldn’t.


IT WAS A CLOSE CALL!  I coulda been born in Colorado or over Colorado!  I coulda been born in flight in an airplane!  Just like this airplane! Mom went into labor with me in-flight between Denver and Cheyenne. Hear-tell, Mom hollered at my Dad, “You’d better hurry, this baby is.

I never did, but almost…
I never did, but almost…

I was almost born in the cabin of my father’s twin engine Beechcraft. I wasn’t, but almost was.  My parents were enroute from Greeley to Cheyenne, a short flight, when my mother went into labor.   I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming September 30, 1941 less than five minutes after.