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Welcome to My World?    …Blog-Map
Welcome to My World? …Blog-Map

OK, I’m new at this.  So, cut me some slack!    I switched to ServMask and got rid of GoDaddy.   I now refer to GoDaddy as “GoBadly!”  What a complete sham!  They were all glitz and bullshit!  They were incompetent!  They were unable to solve the simplest of issues.   Yani Illev.

MY WORLD – An Introduction & Daily BLOG!
MY WORLD – An Introduction & Daily BLOG!

Greetings!   FIRST, an apology!  I am trying to learn how to put a feature within where you can book-mark and go back to the spot you where you quit reading.  So far this has eluded me, but I’m persistent. In this “page” you’ll see weekly (sometimes daily) postings.  At.