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A Grand Hurrah by Tex Searle

A Grand Hurrah Tex FRONT COVER ILLUSTRATION If you choose, famed aviation artist Richard Broome of Broom productions, at no cost has offered to design the cover portraying the old legionary Frontier Airlines DC-3, arriving over the front range of the Colorado Rockies.  He would be given credit in book. .


  Larry grew up in Saratoga, something I’ve yet to accomplish!  Saratoga has a Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing River, the North Platte flowing smack-dab thru it.  Both Larry and I find every opportunity to limber up our fly rods given the influence a place like Saratoga had on us…. After losing.

Captain Al Spain

JetBlue co-founder Al Spain has plenty of experiences to share I had the honor and privilege to be part of the New Air/JetBlue Start-Up Team in 1999.  It was a truly wonderful experience for Cheryl and me.  Certainly, a high point in my aviation career.  Nuthin’ but good memories of.

Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame

  The following is a photo/copy of the booklet published by the Newcomen Society in 1995 for the very first Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame celebration/induction.  I had the high honor of being the keynote speaker for this event.  I was doubly honored given my father was one of the.

Aviator Par Excellence!

My flight with Ralph, by Kent Westedt  One day Kent Westedt had an unbelievable flight with Ralph. They were solid IFR and lost all electrical and all instruments! All they had was a magnetic compass to fly with! Ralph adroitly mentally converted the magnetic compass into a primary flight display.

The Captain Clayton Osbon Story

 The CAPTAIN CLAYTON OSBON Story   In command of JBU Flight 191   PROLOGUE As part of the start-up team for New Air (which became JetBlue Airways), I had input on the early hiring, some of the operational procedures, training, and pilot check-rides.  I was JetBlue’s senior line pilot, check airman,.

CAPTAIN RALPH S JOHNSON Interviews by son Steve

Ralph Johnson — His life and (amazing) times A three-part series recorded in June 1996 at the time of Ralph’s 90th birthday Interviewer: Stephen Johnson.   These are MP4 videos on a thumb drive and very big files.   Part 1: Chronicles life on the Johnson family farmstead in the.


The Love of My Life has held that position since 1970.  On a recent romantic evening, at Lon’s at Hermosa Inn, sipping a nice Cabernet at 5:56 PM, April 8, 2021, we re-upped our contract and are working on our second century t’gether!  Come April 8, 2023 we’ll have just.


When I went with Frontier Airlines in 1967 the airline still flew DC-3’s.  In the DC-3, following the ground school taught by Van Steenberg, all flight training was in the actual aircraft albeit we did use Clinton Aviation’s WWII era Link Trainer for some pre-employment tests and Instrument Training. The.


L-R:  Billy Walker – Ed Newberg – Alan Ripa – Russ Gilmore – Jim Swanke, the original BEARS.   …at the Black Bear restaurant with Ed’s Clenet, a very nice collectors automobile. All the above were formerly members of the CAF which had once been the Confederate Air Force.  Later the.