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The Summer of 1954…

As a “younker,” I was raised in an aviation family albeit in the small mountain community of Saratoga, Wyoming.  My folks ranched and built a resort, The Saratoga Inn.  Every summer the Conquistadores del Cielo, a very secret group of high-level aviation leaders would fly into Saratoga’s “Shively Field” (named for Jack.

Lt. Jack Shively

On June 22, 1944, it was reported by the Saratoga Sun that Lt. Jack E. Shively, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Shively, had been reported missing in action over France. The article, which appeared on the front page of the publication, stated that the message gave few details, “only.

Vietnam Primer by Col. Joe Abodeely
Vietnam Primer by Col. Joe Abodeely

Vietnam Primer The word Vietnam conjures many mental images—a country, a war, a catastrophe, a noble cause, etc. America’s involvement lasted a couple of decades and cost over 58,000 U.S. lives; so, why did America even send troops to Vietnam? Anti-war types claim that Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist.

Arthur & Capt’n Eddie

I heard from my ol’ pal, Larry Duthie, you might recall the story I wrote about him. If you missed it, just “search” for Larry Duthie KIA. Not a lot going on with the COVID-19 pandemic, so Larry was searching for something to read. He came across the book “Rickenbacker,”.

Major CC Moseley 1894 – 1974

Corliss Champion Moseley (July 23, 1894– 1974) was a United States Army aviator and later civilian trainer. He won the inaugural Pulitzer Air Race in 1920.  Following his service in WWI, where he was credited with one aerial victory, he was in charge of all United States Army Air Service.

The Funny Bunny!

July 1993, a few months after my Dad had “Gone West” my mother was watering the flowers Pop had planted along the driveway. Mom was really missing Pic as this was always his chore. Planting and watering. The following is in Mom’s own words: “When I turned back to the.

Plains Airways WWII CPTP

N80201 was the first twin to land at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Pic Walker is at left. Frances Walker stands 7th from the right between Mr. & Mrs. Al Litzenberger. Arv Schultz – Editor’s View Civilian Pilot Training in Rarified Air by Arv Schultz, In June, 2013 the QB Beam explored.

The Ghost Ship     N-29XF
The Ghost Ship N-29XF

Larry Dustman’s “Ghost Ship” N-29XF …Stearman’s seem to attract some pretty terrific people. From this special universe I have been blessed with some friendships that seem as lasting as humanity . Aviation, in general, has been the catalyst. However, the Stearman World seems special in that way. N-29XF – “The.

Roger n’ Me

ROGER & ME 24 DEC 1998 Naming this piece “Roger n’ Me” fits albeit is a bit troublesome.  Troublesome as it shares the title to a 1989 Michael Moore movie a movie of much disdain by we conservative folks. January 12th, 2019 Colonel Roger K. Parrish joined the “Gone West”.

Every now and then… Blog (when I’m feelin’ gabby)…
Every now and then… Blog (when I’m feelin’ gabby)…

      March 23, 2020…  Some indications that the anti-viral medications show promise and that there will be some actual testing in NY tomorrow…  Sure do hope that gives positive results or that someone comes up with a fix soon!  I am anxious to get back to talking about.