is my Aircraft and Parts sales business.  I broker airplanes, cars, parts, avionics and, occasionally, other interesting items.  It is a way to stay active in the aviation game.  I truly love it!

Take a look at what I have for sale and, if anything pushes your “I want it” button, let me know.

I expect you to do your own due diligence.  I represent the items below as they’ve been represented to me.  I always recommend the buyer have a pre-buy inspection accomplished as part of the buying process.  It is important to accomplish a Title Search as part of the buying process.

Here’s what I have for sale as of 02/26/2023:  🇺🇸



1966 Cessna 150F SOLD




1946 Piper J-3   N-3228N   SOLD








Waco EGC-7 NC17749, Serial # 4588

FOR SALE      posted:  8-12-22


MIKE’S CELL PHONE:  (480) 861-4658


GREAT restoration project !


Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a rare & excellent restoration project. Only 38 EGC-7s were built, seven in 1937 and only 2 still flying.   Price: $39,900.00

This restoration started as a “barn find” in 1993 when it was purchased after being discovered in a storage building where it had been parked for 30 years since 1963. It was in its original condition as it had never been restored. 

The project includes all major components (less prop).

The frame has been bead blasted, IRAN, inspected, epoxy primed 

Serial Number 4588 stamped on the frame 

The landing gear was overhauled by Jon Nace, and straight axles installed 

Locking tail gear/shock absorber overhauled with 14 new rubber discs and locking controls 

New steel/rubber bushings for landing gear struts

All new AN bolts/nuts for main and tail gear and four landing gear struts 

18 new rubber bushings and special washers for front seats and engine mount

Left and right wing “N” struts, with attaching fittings, bead blasted, primed

Two landing gear drag struts bead blasted, primed

Two landing gear cross braces bead blasted and primed

New, two side curved windshield glass 

New lower left wing with attach fittings/plates, needs tip bow and top plywood, have metal trailing edge for both lower wings

Two new rotating fuselage stands

Jacobs R-755-9 engine mount magnafluxed, epoxy primed

Jacobs R-755-9 engine as removed from Cessna UC-78, on the engine mount is rated at 275 HP.   Ask Ed Newberg.  He has two of ’em in his ‘Bamboo Bomber!’

Over 500 detailed photos were taken when the aircraft was disassembled

DVD from Radial Engines with over 24,000 Waco drawings

When the previous owner started disassembling the Waco, he made over 100 detailed photos and put them on a flash drive. The Waco build sheet, paint scheme drawing and a full ownership list. This EGC-7 has a fantastic history. It was purchased by G. E. Ruckstell in 1937 of Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours (still in business today as Grand Canyon Airlines), then to Southwest Airways, which later became Pacific Airlines, Air West, Hughes Air West, Republic Airlines, Northwest, then Delta Airlines. Original Southwest Airways logbook from 1943 to 1954. Next logbook from 6-12-1954 to 6-25-1963 when it was parked.

It has WW II military service, NC17749 was assigned Army Air Corps Number 42-94144.

There are over 100 original Waco blueprints and drawings from the Smithsonian, plus many drawings printed from Steve Curry’s CD of 24,412 Waco drawings. Includes full sets of upper and lower wing drawings. 

Documents, Manuals, FAA paperwork, historical papers 

24,412 Waco Aircraft Engineering Drawings covering all models on DVD

Aircraft Builder’s Logbook started in 2005  

Original Southwest Airways Inc., Phoenix, Arizona aircraft logbook from 12-4-1943 to 6-12-1954

Jack Frye, chief pilot TWA 1930- mentioned as a passenger on a flight 

Original aircraft logbook from 6-12-1954 to 6-25-1963

New aircraft logbook

Copy of Ruckstell (original buyer from Waco) logbooks Copied from original logbook at San Diego Air and Space Museum covering from November 5, 1937 to June 8, 1940. 

Color copies of Ruckstell pilot license, issued June 24, 1931 and logbook holder

Original and a copy of Waco 1937 Custom Cabins Parts Price List EGC-7, ZGC-7, DGC-7

“Maintenance keeping Waco”, by National Waco Club

Original “The Versatile Cabin Series”, Ray Brandly 113 pages

Original “American Airman”, May 1958

Original “American Airman”, January 1958, Waco articles    

Original “American Airman”, February 1958, Waco data 1931 -1938

Copy of original Airworthiness Certificate

All maintenance records from FAA

FAA registration records and list of all owners

File folder with misc. invoices, registration papers, newspaper articles, etc.

The previous owner spent over $1000.00 on Waco EGC-7/C-7 Cabin drawings from the NASM, a large number are full-size copies and many are original factory blueprints over 84 years and in excellent condition.

Original sheet of stationery from Waco Company 1930s

Original business card Waco Sales Representative Paul Snick

Original (2) business cards Waco Test Pilot, Freddie Lund

Small manual with correspondence from owners in 1950s, 1960s, bill of sale 1959

File folder of misc. documents

Manual with 8x 10 photos: 71 of Waco during disassembly; 51 photos when it was bought; 7 

   Misc. Wacos Items in Manual #1

   Custom metal Fuel Tank Selector placard

   New aircraft data plate

   History of Waco Aircraft Company

   Article on the history of Southwest Airways, 4 pages

   Pictures and articles on other EGC Wacos, 45 pages

   Factory Drawing List Waco Model EGC-8 dated 12-3-1937, complete

   Factory Drawing List Waco Model EGC-7 dated 3-19-1937, complete

   Copy and an Original Waco Model C-7 Assembly Instruction Manual

   Numerous Type Certificate Data Sheets for Wacos

   R-755 Jacobs Parts List

   Magneto and Distributor Service Tips, Radial Engines, Ltd.

   List of American Waco Club Members 2006

   Several pages Misc. Information Items in Manual #2  

   Current registration

   Copy of original owner Glover E. Ruckstell pilot license #7965

   Copy of G. E. Ruckstell logbook holder

   Flash drive

   Five pages of contacts, emails

   Current Aircraft Bill of Sale

   Copy of original Waco Company Certificate of Transfer to Ruckstell + 2  other documents

   Copy of original Waco Company Record of Ownership Nov. 4, 1937

   Copy of original Waco company N17749 paint scheme

   1940s picture of N17749

   1950s picture of N17749

   1950-60’s pictures of N17749 in yellow paint

   Original magazine ad showing Waco cabin in military service, September 1943

   Copy of original Waco specifications, description of C-7 Cabin 

   Copy of original Waco price list, Jan. 1, 1937

   Original Waco company ad 1930s

   Original Waco ad for C-7 Cabin aircraft Sept. 1937

   Copy of Waco ad for C-7 Cabin June 1937

   Original ad for Waco Cabin June 1937

   Copy Waco ad for 1933 Cabin, Feb 1937

   List of N17749 owners from 1937

   NC17749 history

   List of C-7s known to exist and EGC-7 produced

   Eighteen pages of information for N17749

   Copy of E. Ruckstell’s logbook from Nov 5, 1937, to June 8, 1940 (From San Aerospace Museum)

   Newspaper article on the previous owner of N17749 Jun 4, 2003

   On Two Flash Drives:

Hamilton Standard 2B20 Handbook Overhaul/Operation/Service (prop not included in sale)

National Waco Club Newsletter Jan 2010 to Dec 2012, Jan 2019 to present

American Waco Club Newsletter Jan 2022

Waco Options and Equipment 1937

Discussions on Waco Forum covering 10 years:

   Landing gear, 

Over 500 detailed photos of airplane disassembly, constructing wing ribs, 

Numerous photos of other Waco Cabin aircraft

Jacobs R-755-9 engine manuals

Over 100 pages of Waco Forum restoration discussions concerning Waco Cabins, Jacobs and Wright engine, covering the entire spectrum of restoration, engineering, parts, construction,  


Pictures from NWC 62nd reunion, including detailed photos of restored EGC-8


Complete fuselage 

10” streamline tail wheel and tire, mounting bolt 

Original rudder pedals (both sides) with complete linkages and cables 


Two elevators

Vertical fin

Horizontal stabilizer spars/hardware; 

Two ailerons

Two wing flaps

Upper wings are original with all hardware (ribs need replacing)

Stand for two wings 

Two rare Grimes ST landing lights with an extra new bulb 

Complete main cabin door as removed 

Dual control column with wooden control wheels 

Full rear seat, usable

Rear seat support

Rear seat bottom bolts-seat belts-rear

Some right side pieces

Bottom wood former #3 and #4

Large wood former for top

Two complete adjustable front seats with upholstery

Flap vacuum canister 

Flight controls cables/pulleys

Rear seat bolts& seat belt attachments 

Original interior upholstery

Side roll-up windows and window frames 

Two original 47.5-gallon fuel tanks 

Original 6-gallon oil tank, oil and fuel lines 

Two fiberglass wheel pants 

Jacobs R-755-9 engine cowl (T-50); air intake housing for Jacobs  

Cockpit fuel shutoff manifold and handles 

Four-way vacuum manifold 

Original wood cockpit floorboard

Original Sperry Gyroscope 2” venturi

Original seat belt and attach fittings

1950s Lear Transceiver radio that was in the aircraft, with original manual

Gyroscope 2” venturi, same as original Sperry

Original left and right fuel tank selector placards

Two Hayes expander tube brakes w/backing plates 

Many bags of small original parts which are labeled as below: 

Rear tail nav light housing with trailing antenna loop on top 

Left and right-side stringer support brackets 

Wood side stringers-original

Longeron molded wood pieces-original

Oil tank with cap and dipstick

Front fuselage cowl

Two landing gear strut fairings

Two metal training edges for lower wings

Original firewall

Upper and Lower engine cowl rings

Curved left and right aft cowlings

Two side windshield windows

Box of original landing gear fairing support brackets

Metal compression rib and two support rods for the lower right wing, cleaned, primed

Two front seat hold-down brackets

Middle bottom large pully

Two turnbuckles with a thin control cable attached

Small cloth strap

Chrome “T” handle

Two wing tie rods with clevis fittings

Four inspection covers

Two ashtrays

Aluminum tube ½” x 16”

Elevator pully goes right side of center landing gear post

Flex control cable housing from the instrument panel

Two linkage rods

Prop control handle with cable

In cabin under step bracket

Two used turnbuckles with fittings

Cable support-green

Battery support assy.

Front spar inter drag bashing

Rear spar inter drag bushing

Rear spar wing mount brace bushing

Box of brackets from the engine mount

Right and left fuel valves

Cabin air vent with side attachment

Brace under gas lever

Four bolts from the steering column supports

Pully cover and door handle

Two fuel valve bolts

Internals from Instrument

Elevator pully on the right side on main center landing gear post

Four pulleys and bolts at the tail post

Two fuel valve levers

Center elevator & trim pulleys

Bag of AN hardware

Bag of left side fuselage screws

Two aileron pulleys

Very front of airplane, elevator pulleys (2) with brackets

Two landing gear fittings

Box of R-755 engine parts


Four engine bolts

Bag of right-side wood screws

Mason jar full of AN hardware

Bag of 4 bolts and nuts

Two bags of Left and right stringer attach brackets

Bag of engine bolts and rubber bushings

Two middle aileron pulleys w/brackets

Left and right stringer braces

Very aft of a/c elevator large pulley w/bracket

Two 14’ upper longeron curved wood moldings


Two 11’

Six 13’

Three 14 1/2 ‘ 

Fifteen 2’ and 6’

Small spring

Bag of small leather pieces, used to protect rudder cables

Instrument Panel: 

Original instrument panel

Side Instrument panel

Original Sperry Gyroscope Direction Gyro and Slip indicator, # 643715

Original Bendix #2000-23-CI RPM gauge

Hobbs hour meter 2 ¼”

Gyro Horizon, AN 5736-1

Kollsman suction gauge, 2 ¼”

Original Pioneer Turn & Bank Indicator, 1701-1A-C

Original Eclipse Suction four-way regulator valve, C51063

Kollsman Airspeed gauge, case and instrument face only

Pioneer Rate of Climb indicator

Kollsman 3 pointer altimeter

Original Kollsman magnetic bubble compass

Original Weston Ammeter -30 to +30 Model 606

Original NOS Bendix Scintilla Magneto switch with key

Original 2” fuel gauge

Original Lunkenheimer primer 

New Parts:

Legal size 4 drawer filing cabinet w/folders

New custom brass fuel selector panel 

Some new ribs for the lower right wing 

Eight new ribs for the upper wing 

New front and rear lower wing spars with hardware attached

New, spruce wood strips, 96” x 1/3/4” x 3/8 

Two new curved left and right windshields

Custom metal Fuel Tank Selector placard

New aircraft data plate

4 Waco wing strut steel/rubber bushings

1 qt. Hyd oil

PLUS a very long list of parts/fittings/etc!  …available upon request along with numerous photos.



NAVION:  L-17/U-18B   SOLD 

Scroll down for photos and info.  





Myers 145 is off the market for now for installation of a new glass panel.


SOLD:  North American T-28B – N-280CM

The new owner, Joe Doll, finally took delivery.  Joe and Chip Lamp departed Stellar Airpark for Las Cruces, NM then to a small airport near Dallas, TX.

Below:  Chip Lamp & Joe Doll with Captain Larry Perkins manning the fire bottle!


  • SOLD:   N-880JS Cessna 421C GOLDEN EAGLE –




1973 Beech C-23 see photos!  


(284) 340-3252

(340) 725-9414


AMAZING: Curtis F11C-2 “Goshawk” 1930’s era Navy fighter!  Truly the most incredible airplane I’ve flown!!


LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518


1943 225 HP Lycoming powered PT-13 Stearman project



STILL AVAILABLE: Curtis F11C-2 “Goshawk” replica with a 600 HP fuel injected engine (photos & story below) AWSOME!!  SELL OR PARTIAL  TRADE for a nicely equipped RV-8!


LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518



2009 Jaguar XK!  



2003 Mercedes super sports car!  2003 Model SL500 – 119,000 miles excellent shape – Photo below with Beech C-23… 


(284) 340-3252

(340) 725-9414


STILL AVAILABLE: 68 F-15 / A-10  600 gal. drop tanks (new in their original containers).  


LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518

          NOTE:  ALL 300 GAL. tanks have been sold.



1949 MEYERS 145




Soon you’ll chance to own a piece of Aviation History!


 N34363 is a Beautiful 1949 Meyers 145, Serial number 206, Total time 3190 Hours, Time Since Major Overhaul 520 hours. 

A new instrument panel upgrade is in the installation process.  Price to be determined after the upgrade…

There were only 22 of these built by Meyers Aircraft in Tecumseh, Michigan, Each airplane was hand built. To the best of my knowledge there are only about eleven left on the FAA registry and last I heard only 5 flying. This 145, I believe, is the last one still “polished” The airplane was way ahead of its time and was the two place version for the Meyers 200 (later Rockwell 200) airplane to come. It caries 48 gallons of fuel with a very reliable Continental O-300 Engine burning 8.5 Gallons an hour. It is a very dossal Tail Wheel aircraft with a retractable gear.  IFR equipped!

  • Maximum speed: 166 mph
  • Cruise speed: 145 mph @ 8.5 GPH!
  • Range: 600 miles with max fuel.
  • Service ceiling: 18,000 ft
  • Rate of climb: 960 ft/min

Meyers Aircraft is one of the very few manufactures to NEVER HAVE AN AD ISSUED ON THEIR AIRCRAFT.

Beautiful flying aircraft

They do not come available for sale very often!.

IFR Panel with all instruments overhauled in the past few years

Leather Interior

Last Engine Overhaul was 12/1999, It has an freshly updated Garmin 430 With WAAS.

All newly overhauled Gyros and instruments, It also has an intercom and a new Stratus USG ADS-B Transponder installed last year.

Annual is due August 2020.  N-34363 has been flown weekly the past couple of years.  I’d have to dig thru the logs for the exact number of hours, but the owner says he flew it in excess of 30 hours over the past 12 months.  It is no hangar queen!  Quite a number of flights were for the EAA Young Eagles program.  The airplane is hangared at P19 (Chandler, AZ).  

Newly installed Appareo Stratus ADS-B Transponder

Garmin  430/W GPS/radio (see photo)…


New Cleveland wheels and brakes

Too many airplanes and not enough time to fly them all. Look at the picture then Goggle the history of this great airplane and it’s manufacture.

Click on the link below for the .pdf file:

Meyers N34363 copy







1943 Lycoming powered Stearman 




A Curtis F11C-2 “Goshawk” replica made with all new Stearman parts.  This is a VERY HIGH PERFORMING Airplane 



The ULTIMATE FUN Airplane:  N-29XF


LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518

NEW PHOTOS (5/15/2020) – scroll down forSPECS

The Ghost ShipN-29XF  –

120 hours SINCE NEW!!

95 hours on a Covington P&W R-1340




– Air Show our just plain fun airplane that’ll WOW folks with NOISE & SMOKE & ASTONSHING PERFORMANCE!

Imagine!  Screaming down the runway at 160 kts with that ol’ R-1340 roaring & trailing a white smoke tail then pulling up vertically!  Off the ground at half throttle climbing at a steep angle by the time you have the throttle pushed to 36″ MP!

This is an AMAZING Air Machine!


The owner will consider any reasonable offer!!

Trades consideredLOOKING FOR AN RV-8 


Scroll down for lots of photos!

Read the story about this extraordinary airshow aircraft:


Stearman Flying Wire February 2020 issue

SRA president, Mike Rutledge, flew N-29XF for some three hours.  Here’s what he had to say:

“One of Stellar Airpark’s (P19) more interesting Stearman residents is Larry Dustman’s R-1340 equipped “Ghost Ship.” The Ghost Ship was built by John Pike and his Crew at Big Sky Stearman using model 75 bones as a basis to fabricate the likeness of a 1930s Curtis F11C-2 “Goshawk” fighter.  I have a well-known affinity for wanting to fly one-off planes.  I suppose the Schiffer’s “Beast” Duster was the catalyst.  Who doesn’t want to fly a 600 HOP Stearman?  After a brief discussion with Larry and a call to my insurance agent, Larry gave me the keys to the Ghost Ship along with a ground checkout from local Stearman elder “Captain” Billy Walker.  This too probably warrants its own future article, but I won’t keep you in suspense, flying the Ghost ship isn’t for everyone.  It handles like about 70% golden age fighter with enough common Stearman characteristics to claim the heritage.  It’s fast and immediately puts a smile on your face when you push the throttle forward as you look through the gun ring.  Heck, I was smiling just taxiing.  I’ll chalk those 3 hours in the Ghost Ship as the highlight of my trip to Arizona.”

N-29XF’s flyer





Keep scrolling down for more photos of this AMAZING airplane!


N-29XF –  ONLY 120 HOURS SINCE NEW (airframe)!

ONLY 95 hours on the Covington R-1340 engine/prop

Switchable to a two-place in less than 3 minutes!





Covington Fuel Injected 600 HP Pratt/Whitney R-1340 with Hamilton Standard Prop.  You need to fly this airplane to appreciate the “WOW” factor!

Go to my BLOG and “search” for N-29XF for the story on this magnificent air show performer.

Note the last three photos where the front cockpit is opened.  It takes less than a minute to switch from the single-seat fighter to the dual control two-place.

This airplane is surprisingly easy to fly.  MUCH easier than the stock Stearman.



LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518





SALE F-15 – A-10    DROP TANKS 



LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518

Note the F-16 tanks have been sold.  We have 10 containers with 6 tanks each —              600 gal.        F-15/A-10 tanks available.

Call for pricing.  US Military discounts for Active/Reserve/National Guard!


Vern Rich: (623) 308-1173 or


LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518

F-15/A-10 600 Gallon external fuel tanks in their containers.



1973 Beechcraft C-23 – N-24629 (S/N M1458)   Textron-Lycoming O-360-A4J.  Hasn’t flown in several years.  Needs some work.

3394.7 Total Time

289.4 SMOH.  – last flown 2003 – MAKE OFFER

Jeff Hurd owns both the Sundowner and the SL500.  Please call him direct if you are interested:  (284) 340-3252.


2003 Mercedes SL500 convertible/hardtop also available. Asking $9,500.00

119,000 miles everything working perfectly.



Rick has decided to finish the restoration himself.  Knowing Rick, it will be a beauty!


Recent Sales:


1966 Cessna 150F SOLD

1946 Piper J-3   N-3228N   SOLD

N-109DS Navion SOLD

N-1240D Cessna 170A  SOLD

N-68832 PT-13 “Stearman” SOLD

R-670-6N engine/QEC SOLD

Cessna Citation  SOLD

Lockheed PV-2 “Harpoon” SOLD

N-8125P 1962 PA-24-250 ‘COMANCHE’                            SOLD

N-316B 1956 G Model Bonanza. SOLD

N-4516D 1956 G Model Bonanza SOLD

Taylorcraft BC12D SOLD

Cessna 190B SOLD

ALL 300 gal F-16 Fuel Tanks  SOLD

1996 Fleetwood Coach* SOLD 


*Sold by owner



 68  600 GAL F-15/A-10 Tanks


LARRY DUSTMAN:  (602) 486-6518



To ALL:   I have, in the past, listed aircraft, parts, and sports cars, and?? mostly for friends needing help selling.  I represented every item as it has been represented to me.  I strongly recommend that each buyer have a Title Search performed as well as an independent pre-buy inspection as part of the purchase process.

I have closed my aircraft sales business.  The few aircraft/parts listed above have the owner-information shown.  As I close out my sales enterprise I look back on more than sixty years of dealing with people sharing my love of aviation.  I remember so many who were such a joy to work with.  I wish them AND you the very best always…

My first airplane sale was during my ASU college days.  I began selling aircraft for the Piper Distributor in Denver in 1965. Then I became sales manager for the Mooney Distributor and, then, became a Mooney Dealer in SLC where I was based as a co-pilot on the Convair 580 with Frontier Airlines.  

The University of Wyoming has graciously offered to keep my website archived and available.  There are more than 100 stories each of which is guaranteed to thwart insomnia!  Many of the stories are from Cheryl’s and my wonderful life and love in aviation.  I hope you find them a joy to read.  To you all “Blue Skies & Tailwinds!”

Billy Walker



  1. Good afternoon Billy it was a pleasure talking to you last evening I look forward to Stearman training and my tailwheel endorsement I tentatively plugged in January 15th through the 22nd I would get into Phoenix in the afternoon of the 15th get settled and be ready to fly on the 16th… take a look at your schedule see if that would work and get back to me thank you Craig Lucas

  2. I found your. Blog and email information by accident and maybe you can help me. I am looking for an airplane Fuselage for a friend In Austin Texas who wants to make it into a mini rental home..for a development he has. Can be a salvage cabin without a tail unit, but would prefer it has a cockpit. Rear portion will be entrance with Sliding Door added. Ideal interior 8’ high 8 ‘ wide, maybe 30’ long, these are all approximate. Maybe DC-3, C46 ,Beech 18, PV1,Open to ? what ever we can haul back. I live part time in Tucson and am Familiar with the Area Any ideas? Mike Hudkins 512-497-3395. Will be in Tucson for next 3 weeks (YOU LIVE A FASCINATING LIFE)

    1. There are several derelict aircraft located at the Gila River Indian Community: Address: E Airfield Ln, Chandler, AZ 85249
      Phone: (520) 562-9700
      Owner: Gila River Airport Authority

      However, you live close to Davis-Monthan AFB repository for the second largest Air Force in the world! Next door is Pima Air & Space Museum. Both, are worth checking into.

      Sorry, but the only thing I have in the way of parts are 80 600gal drop tanks for the A-10 & F-15 aircraft.

      I wish you luck!

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